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Watch: Drummer Rips Through All 183 FOO FIGHTERS Songs In One Take

Obviously snippets of each. We don't have all day.

Drummer and Drumeo instructor Brandon Toews is here to show you the majesty of Taylor Hawkins' drum parts by playing all 183 Foo Fighters songs. Granted it's only a few seconds of each, but the full medley clocks in at over 28 minutes long… and with all those tempo and feel changes, this is pretty insane. And yes, this includes Dave Grohl's Dream Window songs for the Studio 666 movie.

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If you're looking for more Brandon Toews insanity, watch his playthrough of every Rush song ever here.

"Brandon Toews recently undertook the ambitious project of drumming to a medley featuring all 183 Foo Fighters songs in ONE TAKE," wrote Drumeo in the description. "He embarked on this challenge in memory of the late Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

"With no breaks, edits, or do-overs, Brandon demonstrates his exceptional drumming skills and his great appreciation for Taylor’s drumming with Foo Fighters. This impressive achievement showcases his incredible talent, dedication, and passion for music. This is a tribute to Taylor Hawkins’ incredible legacy and it's a testament to the enduring power of music to bring people together and inspire greatness."

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