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20 Of The Best Songs About Black Metal

Getting a little meta with it.


In the words of Sodom's "Blasphemer": "Black metal is the game I play. 'Cause no one show[s] me the right way." We lovers of Thorns and 1349 live by a modified version of Tankard's motto: "No techno, hip-hop, it's driving me nuts. [BLACK] Metal to [BLACK] metal, guts to guts!" The Polish band Kat laid down the law on their 1986 debut album, Metal and Hell: "Truth is black metal. And hell." May Kat's former vocalist Roman Kostrzewski rest in peace. The frontman, who who went on to front Kat & Roman Kostrzewski when the band splintered in 2004, passed away this year on February 10 at just 61 years old. Nevertheless, his early vocals continue to lure us with tales of Satan and the "hungry house of sex."

In honor of black metal, we will be sharing some of our favorite songs about the subgenre. Negator's "In the Unholy Halls of Eternal Frost" is a perfect song! The German band triumphantly proclaims: "This storm is pure Vernichtung. Till I die — I raise the banner, crush the crown of light. Serve until I die. Flesh and Blood —grateful victims devoted unto thorns. This black metal was forged in the unholy halls of the eternal frost." Similarly, Skitliv's "Skandinavisk Misantropi" cannot be topped: "Your knees were made for kneeling. Mine were not. Christendom, religion of pity. You call yourself a Satanist? I am anti-matter. True Black Metal. Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist."

Some songs that deserve a nod include Meuchelmord's "Niedersachsen Schwarzmetall," Thyrgrim's "Dette er tysk svart metall," Nocte Obducta's "Schwarzmetall (Hexer – Teil II)," Whip's "Black Metal Hell," Kromlek's "Svartmetall," and Hellvetic Frost's "Black Metal über Alles." You will be pleased with both Zorn's "Schwarz Metall" and "Terror Black Metal." The name of Goat Funeral's 33-second track "Antisocial East-German Black Metal" is one of the coolest titles ever. Goat Funeral is the two-man band of Eisregen's Blutkehle and Yanit, a.k.a. Isaac Goaten. Although it is slightly outside the focus of our discussion, "Black as Lead and Death" by the defunct French project Mütiilation is a truly unique track: "The lead will show me the gate of death… Black as I suck the cold iron barrel, black as the metal on my teeth. Black as the seed of death’s ejaculation, black as the lead that splatters my face." 

You might have a laugh at Plaag's "Black Metal Rising" and Nachtblut's "Der Tod ist meine Nutte" / "Death is My Hooker." The successful and charming Nachtblut forged their own brand of "dark German metal." No BM-inspired band makes keyboards seem as awesome as Nachtblut. Yet, in "Der Tod ist meine Nutte," Nachtblut playfully calls out the (mis)use of keyboards in BM. Although black metallers are often painted as humorless, we are actually quite funny and self-ironic. All the same, it is true that we tend to carry a broomstick up our rears when it comes to certain issues. For example, many of us will probably be agitated by the buffoonery of Red Warszawa's "Norsk Black Metaland" and Hanzel und Gretyl's "Black Forest Metal."

As Barathrum said: "Leather and bullet belts. Spikes, blades, and chains. Sinister black metallers — It's time for a fight tonight." Get out your morning stars and candelabras and get ready for some awesome music. Without further ado, we present our list of some of the best songs about black metal! 

Nargaroth — "Black Metal ist Krieg"

Nargaroth will shatter all of your preconceptions about metal and life in general. In particular, Nargaroth disproves the offensive stereotype, as perpetuated by South Park, that Germans are not funny. Nargaroth's "Black Metal ist Krieg" is definitely one of the most amusing things that you will ever hear. If you claim to be a black metaller and let a day slip without saying, "Black Metal ist Krieg!" and cracking a smile, you are a poser. "Black Metal ist Krieg" may have become the biggest metal meme of all time. However, the absolute genius of Nargaroth's creator René "Ash" Wagner, is no laughing matter. After all, Ash, who used to be known as "Kanwulf," has undergone psychoanalytic training. He's no joker. That's why he values the important things in life like family. At one point, the musician even sold his possessions and travelled the world as a nomad. He's a true existentialist. He currently resides in North America in part to escape the envy and false political accusations that have invaded his personal life and harmed his ability to provide for his loved ones. "It's ridiculous to call me a Nazi. I've been married to a Brazilian woman for years," Ash told HMHTV in 2012.

That said, "Black Metal ist Krieg" is definitely the most important song on our list with the exception of our fourth pick. Thus, it is fitting that "Black Metal ist Krieg" contains a riff from Strid's hugely influential 11+-minute track "End of Life," which has been called the very first DSBM song. Of course, "Black Metal ist Krieg" is the crown jewel of Nargaroth's Black Metal ist Krieg: A Dedication Monument (2001). This classic album is a better representation of war than Picasso's Guernica! At the same time, it is highly educational. After listening to this Black Metal ist Krieg, which includes four cover songs, as well as originals like "Seven Tears Are Flowing to the River," you will know all about early black metal.

The album opens with a brilliant intro that contains the line "Black Metal ist Krieg" like our song of honor into which it leads. The sixth track, "The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem," describes how we all feel about BM's Cain and Abel story: "I can still remember my emotions so confused. My soul was seeking answers… 1993, this year of misery was the knife, which split the Black Metal scene apart." From then on, the subgenre has been desecrated by "Lies, rumors and hate. Moneymaking, sadness. And shame." "Erik, May You Rape the Angels" is dedicated to the late Erik "Grim" Brødreskift of Immortal, Gorgoroth, Borknagar, etc. (Erik is pictured on the iconic cover of Immortal's Pure Holocaust [1993], even though he didn't actually play on the album.) In his honor, René sings: "Brothers fall, day by day. Dead [Per Yngve 'Pelle' Ohlin] was first and all others followed. But now, another warrior has gone into the raven realm of darkness. Erik, did you found what you lost: Your own god?"

"Possessed by Black Fucking Metal" is the stellar ending to Black Metal ist Krieg. This song delivers the grievous news: "… black metal died." Yet, it offers hope: "…  I summon the old warriors. That we shall begin. To kill the false and hate one to satisfy our hate. Because… [You know it!] I'm possessed by black fucking metal." You can also find this song along with "Black Metal ist Krieg" on the demo Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal (2000), which ends with the instrumental "A Black Metal Song Just for Black Metal Maniacs."

For more Nargaroth songs that mention black metal, please rock out to "Semper Fi," "Artefucked," and "I Still Know": "I still know what Black Metal is all about: blood, fire and pain. A black flame that burns inside. Black vinyl, demo tapes," "Black Blasphemic Death Metal" is also close enough. Nargaroth may have titled an instrumental "Love Is Always Over with Ejaculation," but your love for this band will be eternal.

Nattefrost — "Black Metal Suicide (Claws of Perdition)"

"Black Metal Suicide (Claws of Perdition)" will explain why we are in love with Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest. Aura Noir's Aggressor actually plays drums on this short but bloody sweet song (as well as most of the album). Meanwhile, Sanrabb of Gehenna makes a guest appearance on vocals. This song will touch your soul in all the strangest places, which makes sense considering that the lyrics are almost entirely borrowed from Niklas Kvarforth's Shining: "A dead empty stare. Into the ruins of my world. A world I have already left. So many fucking years ago. Final Sodomistic death-score. A mouthful blood ejaculation. So painful and perverse."

To put things into perspective, "Black Metal Suicide" is the second track on the sexy Terrorist (Nekronaut Pt. I) (2005). This masterpiece of a record is all about "Alcohol, drugs, abuse, disease, chaos, cunt, goat, worship!" It opens with one of the greatest songs of all time, the dreadfully sublime "Nekronaut (Cunt Cunt Gimme More)." This tune, of course, begins: "Cunt, cunt. Gimme more. You little filthy lowlife whore." From there, it becomes a true torture porn film. Later on in the album, the track "Satan is Endless, Satan Is Timeless," presents us with the statement: "Satan is true black metal."

Darkthrone — "Unholy Black Metal"

Fenriz and Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone are the kings of black metal. "Unholy Black Metal" from Under a Funeral Moon (1993) is a perfect example of what BM should sound like. It's also pretty sexy with lines like "When the demons ride the nuns with their horns of dark desire." The song is a bit reminiscent of the anti-Genesis story told by Fenriz in Isengard's "Neslepaks," which is "Creation" in Norwegian spelled backwards. Fenriz is regarded as a walking encyclopedia. He not only possesses a professorial knowledge of metal from all over the globe, but he is also an old-school rock enthusiast. Guess what?! Fenriz is even a techno lover.

Songs like "Raised on Rock," "The Church of Real Metal," "Canadian Metal," and "Hiking Metal Punks" reflect Darkthrone's refreshing elitism. The duo may as well be the music police. "Too Cold Too Old" summarizes the attitude of these hardened veterans: "Nothing to prove. Just a hellish rock n' roll freak. You call your metal black. It's just spastic lame and weak." "I Am the Graves of the 80s" is a bullet aimed at dilettantes: "Destroy their modern metal. And bang your fucking head. Uh! There's way too much black. And there's too little metal. Dealing with this had me breaking my shackles!" Meanwhile, "The Winds They Call Dungeon Shaker" is one of the most absurd songs that you will ever come across, yet it spits an incredible amount of truth: "We are older and wiser and the underground thrives, but posers are the same with their metal lies. In a seance of insanity with maniacal scream. Does your metal knows what metal really means?"

For more picks by Darkthrone, "Alp Man" speaks of "the black metal prairie." "Witch Ghetto" includes the exclamation "Black metal is unreal!" "In Honour of Thy Name" will have you repeating "Black Metal is the devil's fuel!" "Rust" is an example of poetic excellence: "It's sin again. Like charcoal on flaming nuns. Consistence unknown like early black metal." 

Venom — "Black Metal"

If sex, Satan, "Angel Dust," and "Bloodlust" are your cup of tea, you'll lick Venom right up. This pioneering band was formed in Newcastle, England in 1979. We all recognize the massive impact that Venom has had on black metal. Venom created the term with their 1982 album, Black Metal, which even Bathory's Quorthon enjoyed. With songs like "Teacher's Pet," the album is sleazy and fun in a way that might surprise you. By the title track we live and die: "Let's go! Against the odds black metal gods. Fight to achieve our goal. Casting a spell leather and hell. Black metal gods rock n' roll."

Venom was a huge source of inspiration to everyone from Beherit to Norway's most infamous BM band, Mayhem. Even Mayhem's name came from a Venom song — "Mayhem with Mercy." Yet, contrary to what one might assume, not all second-wave black metallers were Venom enthusiasts. Varg Vikernes, for example, has stated that he was not a Venom fan. (Anyone with an elementary understanding of BM [or a soft spot for Nargaroth] knows that the disagreeable Burzum creator temporarily replaced Necrobutcher on bass in Mayhem and then killed the band's guitarist and co-founder Euronymous.) Mayhem has covered Venom's "Black Metal" along with Vader, Voivod, Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, etc. On today's topic, you should also blast "Acid Queen," "Hammerhead," and "Darkest Realm." 

Sarkom — "Black Metal Necrophilia"

Sarkom is one of Norway's most satisfying black metal bands. Sarkom's current members count bands like Svarttjern (Yes!), So Much for Nothing (Yes!), and Dødheimsgard (OMG!) on their resumes. "Black Metal Necrophilia" is the penultimate song on Sarkom's fourth and latest studio album, Anti-Cosmic Art (2016), which ends in a cover of Sodom's "Sodomy and Lust." Enjoy Sarkom's "Bestial Supremacy" —

Krypt — "Death Satan Black Metal"

"Death Satan Black Metal" is the penultimate track on Preludes to Death (2008). The song proves that when Krypt claimed "I Am God" earlier in the album, they were not lying. Krypt makes: "No fucking compromises." The project consists of Tsjuder's Nag and ex-Tsjuder's Desecrator. We hope that they will release new material one day.

Behexen — "Black Metal Baptism"

Behexen should definitely be one of your favorite black metal groups. These Finns never fail to deliver top-notch artistry. They are raw, wicked, necro, and true. Behexen's lyrics are also superb. "Black Metal Baptism" hails from Behexen's sophomore album, By the Blessing of Satan (2004). Thanks to Behexen: "The new cult has risen from the ruins of the failed. The true black metal spirit has never died…"

Furze — "Necrosaint Black Metal"

Once you've heard Furze, there is no way you are going to forget this highly individualistic Trondheim-based project. "Necrosaint Black Metal" hails from Necromanzee Cogent (2003), on which Woe J. Reaper sings and plays all instruments. (Woe J. Reaper sometimes has a little bit of help, but overall, he does everything for this "Original Norwegian Black Psych Metal" project.) Furze is truly "A Blacksmith for the Souls of Metal." As proven by the song "One Night Before the Other," Furze delivers a whole new level of strange: "Support the Devil. Support the Metal. Support the Fresh Tea from the Underground." 

Kirkebrann — "Black Metal Blues"

Last year, Kirkebrann's split album with Visegard called Kirkegard (2021) blew us away. We cannot imagine a more encouraging sign that BM is still alive. "Black Metal Blues" is the insanely awesome opening track. Carpathian Forest's Vrangsinn mixed Kirkebrann's vocals while ex-Limbonic Art's Morfeus was responsible for Visegard's production. Nattefrost also made a guest appearance. Kirkebrann's members have actually played with some really cool bands.

Marduk — "Christraping Black Metal"

You can find "Christraping Black Metal" on Panzer Division Marduk (1999), which was actually released on Stalin's death day — March 5. The Satanic Swedes known as Marduk have been keeping things evil since 1990. In "Christraping Black Metal," Marduk lays out their plan to kill "the thorn-crowned jester": "Scratched and torn by the devilish whores. Your filthy carcass will reek. Let us ride all the nightmares and fears of the church. And perish the holy and weak."

Nocturnal Depression — "Fuck Off Parisian Black Metal Scene"

Nocturnal Depression is a French black metal band that has existed since 2004. With titles like "We're All Better Off Dead," "The Rope Circling My Neck," and "As Some Blades Penetrating My Flesh," how could you not want to take a dive into Nocturnal Depression's discography?! "Fuck Off Parisian Black Metal Scene" is simply classic. It's the kind of song you could play endlessly on loop. Lord Lokhraed sang while Herr Suizid handled all instruments. "Fuck Off Parisian Black Metal Scene" made its debut on a 2005 demo by the same name. It then appeared on a 2006 split with a now-defunct band called Funeral Rip, whose contributions to the cassette began with "Beer of Black Metal" and ended with the brief "End of Beer of Black Metal." For more Nocturnal Depression, we suggest the French-language "Spleen Black Metal." It is the title track on Nocturnal Depression's 2015 album. This song also appears on Deathcade (2017). "Suicidal Metal Anthems" is bound to excite you as well: "Swear the ancient oath of black. The lambs shall bleed. Eternally bleed. God is dead and shall forever be. This is real black metal!"

Azaghal — "Black Metal Terror"

Azaghal's Finnish language song "Black Metal Terror" first appeared on the split CD Uusi suomalainen black metal tulokas (2000). The album also featured Mustan Kuun Lapset. You can also find "Black Metal Terror" on the EP Black Metal Terror EP (2001), on which Azaghal has covered Darkthrone's "Unholy Black Metal," Luciferin valo (2006), and two compilation albums.

"Azaghal Terror Cult" from Luciferin valo (2006) is another song that won't disappoint: "Black metal is the weapon of Satan. For controlling the feeble and weak. I am his herald, wielder of his sword." Of course, black metal is mentioned elsewhere on the album, such as in the track "Tuhoaja," "Verta ja tuhkaa," and "Teen paholaisen työtä."

We also recommend Azaghal's "Black Metal War," which comes from a 2002 split by the same name. Azaghal shared Black Metal War with their fellow Finns Vultyr and the American band Misanthropy in 2002. This song just might be a tad bit harsh, but that's what we love: "Murder the followers of the impotent God. Tear up their holy book of lies. Crucify the whore! Paint black their churches. With their own blood."

Fimbulwinter — "Black Metal Storm"

Fimbulwinter's Servants of Sorcery (1994) is necro, magical, and vibrant. It will arouse your desire to prance around the forest in black eye makeup and leather boots. This album features baby Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus and ex-Ulver's Skoll, and ex-Mourning Widow's Necronos. Thus, if you ever wanted to hear metal's best musicians in their first bloom of youth, this is your chance. You might have noticed that this album, which was recorded in 1992, is a remastered version of Fimbulwinter's Rehearsal Demo (1992) with "Roaring Hellfire" added. The fourth track on each, "Black Metal Storm," is exactly what I would play if trying to convince a skeptic that early black metal reigns supreme.

Urgehal — "Satanic Black Metal in Hell"

Urgehal's "Satanic Metal from Hell" is an orgasm in black metal form. You can find this masterpiece on Goatcraft Torment (2006). "Infernal soldiers demonized. Fucked up angels sodomized. Face of the earth dechristianized. The universe satanized." 

The late genius Trondr Nefas wrote the song and the lyrics. You can hear him delivering the most badass vocals and playing wicked lead guitar. His solo at the end will drive you wild. Nefas was joined on this album by his Vulture Lord bandmate Uruz on drums and Enzifer on rhythm guitar. (Enzifer would also join Vulture Lord at a later date.)  Sregroth played bass while Endezzma's Morten Shax wrote some of the lyrics on Goatcraft Torment.

On today's topic, you can also hear Trondr Nefas playing guitar and bass on Beastcraft's "Recrucifixion" while Vulture Lord's Sorath Northgrove handled drums and vocals. The track begins: "Pure fucking black metal. Endless anti-Christian terror. The sound of satanic warcraft. A cacophony of necro screams."

Deathcult — "Black Metal (The Sign of Pure Evil)

Deathcult is "Cruel Norwegian Black Metal" band from Bergen, Norway. This outfit is Satanic, apolitical, and "Anti-Human." Deathcult is raw, organic, and true. It is extremely difficult to come across such an authentic band. Deathcult will reawaken your hunger for bestial music with "Black Metal (The Sign of Pure Evil)" from Cult of the Dragon (2007). This album was followed by Cult of the Goat (2017). When Deathcult finally unveils Cult of the Dog, it is sure to be the best release of the year.

Sarcófago — "F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off Melodic Black Metal!)" 

The insanely influential yet defunct extreme metal band from Brazil known as Sarcófago expressed a powerful message in "F.O.B.M. (Fuck Off Melodic Black Metal)." "Brutal Death Metal rules. Fuck off the melodic black metal. Fuck off: Cradle of Filth! [The] Kovenant! Emperor! Dimmu Borgir! Tiamat!" You will hear the following lines in a new light when you consider that Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier, whom you will hear singing and playing guitar on this song, is an economist: "Selling Satan like another [one of] capitalism's product corrupting the essence of brutal music!" This song premiered on the EP Crust (2000).

The 3rd Attempt — "Black Metal Alchemist"

The 3rd Attempt features members of ex members of bands like Sarkom, Carpathian Forest, Green Carnation, and even Emperor. "Black Metal Alchemist" can be found on The 3rd Attempt's second and latest album, Egocidal Path (2017), which begins with "Blood, Dope and Black n Roll." Egocidal is sure to make your wrists run red like faucets. After all, that seems to be the band's goal. Could anyone possibly beat these sexy lyrics?! "Black metal alchemist. I rape your morals in the name of Satan. Black metal alchemist. Crying and bleeding, you'll thank me for it. Black metal alchemist. I sodomize your mind and your convictions. Black metal alchemist. So hard that you'll beg for more."

Hordagaard — "True Norwegian Black Metal"

Hordagaard's "True Norwegian Black Metal" can be found on the demos For Blood and Soil (2005) and Ondskap (2006) as well as on the compilations "My Glory for Satan"(2006) and Anti Human Anti Life (2006). This song will make you want to dig up your old Walkman and take a cathartic BM hike in the woods.

Aura Noir — Black Metal Jaw

If you don't love the Norwegian black-thrashers known as Aura Noir, you clearly don't understand what metal is all about. These veterans are inspired by bands like Sodom, Kreator, and Slayer. Enjoy "Black Metal Jaw" from The Merciless (2004), which also contains songs like "Funeral Thrash." You can also listen to "Black Thrash Attack" from Aura Noir's 1996 debut album by the same name. Aura Noir was the first band signed by Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto when he founded Tyrant Syndicate Productions — a now-defunct sublabel of Peaceville Records that Fenriz also helped with.

Skaur — "Nordnorsk Svartmetall"

Skaur delighted fans last year with the release of their third studio album, Reis te Haelvete (2021). Once you have listened to this wild and idiosyncratic adventure, you won't forget it. "Nordnorsk svartmetall" is included on Skaur's Promo 2009 as well as their 2011 self-titled debut album. The lyrics to this Norwegian language song are surprisingly poetic. The song concludes ends: "Vinter, blaatt blod, nordnorsk svartmetall! Selvmordskandidat soekte frihet i blodets minne. Forlater sin elskov med doedens gudinne…Et minne fant veien til helvete!" / "Winter, blue-blood, north Norwegian black metal. Suicide-candidate sought freedom in memory of the blood. Leaves his lovemaking with death's goddess. A memory found the way to hell!"

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