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Sorry METALLICA, But Dave Mustaine Says He's Not Interested In Rejoining The Band

Remember a few years ago when Metallica were celebrating their 30th anniversary and they finally made amends with Dave Mustaine and invited him up to jam some early songs? You may also recall in interviews after the event, Dave Mustaine kept pitching some sort of super group with himself, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Metallica founders James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich? Obviously,  the Metalli-dudes were not interested and Mustaine kept talking about it so much that Hetfield said that Mustaine was just running his mouth again and even got the illusive apology out of Mustaine for talking out of step.

Well, Metallica need not worry anymore because Dave Mustaine is not interested. He's said so himself. In a recent fan Q&A on Twitter, he was asked if he would consider coming back to Metallica if asked by James or Lars? (lol yea right). Mustaine responded that he would not:

There was a follow-up question:

And his thoughts on Lars Ulrich in one word?

Aww, his little Danish friend.

It looks like Mustaine is maturing, or perhaps being media trained. Between this softball and his opinion on who he wants to be the next president, Mustaine is doing an excellent job of avoiding any bad press in the lead up to his album.

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