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BURZUM Now Sells A Shirt Of KANYE WEST Wearing A BURZUM Shirt

If anyone needs expensive toilet paper, here it is.

Shit SHirt

The love between two antisemites clearly knows no bounds. It all started when Kanye West began teasing his Vultures 1 album. Vultures 1 originally came under fire for using a 1835 painting by German artist Caspar David Friedrich on its cover, which referenced of Burzum's album Filosofem. While the final cover has since changed, West still used the painting and Buzrum-esque font on a series of shirts over on his website.

West then drove the whole point home by wearing a Burzum shirt in a recent photo, which isn't surprising – dude's straight up an antisemite, and it's not just us saying that either. One lyric on West's recent album is "Crazy, bipolar, antisemite/And I'm still the king," which isn't shocking considering some recent comments like "I like Hitler" and "We've got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time."

Naturally, Vikernes embraced West's hate. In what can only be described as a severe misunderstanding of the word "courage," Vikernes commented on West's fashion choice saying it "shows courage to publicly wear a Burzum shirt, like he has done." And wouldn't an opportunity like this be wasted if Viknernes couldn't cash in on it?

Clearly, as there's now a shirt of Kanye wearing a Burzum shirt available over at Plastic Head (which peddles in officially licensed merchandise). So if you wanna be courageous in the eyes of one of the dumbest motherfuckers in all of metal, you can head over to Plastic Head and go find that stupid shirt. Just kidding, you can get it right here.

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