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Shocking Revelations

Metallica's documentary Some Kind of Monster is a pivtol moment in the band's career, and surely the rawest they've ever been exposed on camera....

Latest Metallica Music Videos

Music Videos

Little Kruta set out to do a beautiful orchestral version of Metallica's entire 1988 album …And Justice For All, and it seems as though...

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Latest Metallica Reviews


When the string of singles for this year's Hardwired... to Self Destruct started rolling out, I had a similar reaction: a fine listen once...


By now you've certainly heard your fair share about Metallica's 3D movie, Through The Never. The one lingering question seems to be "is it...


Can't think anything other than "Holy shit, I've seeing Shining Thursday with Cormorant." What should I wear to a "blackjazz" show? Corpse paint? Fancy...


Over the past decade or so Jason Newsted has been a meandering soul in the metal community. Jason played with the Canadian Prog Thrash icons...

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Latest Metallica Live Footage

Live Footage

This might be one of their most played songs at this point.

Live Footage

There are a lot of special amps in the performance too!

Live Footage

Y'know, because we can't watch any live shows right now.

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