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DISTURBED Really Went Out of Their Way To Keep This New Album A Secret

…this includes using separate entrances for their hotels.

…this includes using separate entrances for their hotels.

So earlier this week, Disturbed released their first song in four years, "The Vengeful One" and announced a new album is coming in August.

We were all like when did this happen? Turns out Disturbed had to be super secretive about the whole thing, almost to a ridiculous degree. In a new interview with Billboard, frontman David Draiman said he didn't tell his friends or his family why he was going to Vegas for four months:

"It took a lot to keep things quiet," says Draiman. "It took a lot of pain and agony and white lies and deception non-disclosure agreements. How can you explain to all your friends and family that you're leaving home for four months to be in Vegas, y'know? To come up with something that you're so proud of and not be able to tell anyone about or play it for anyone is torturous, believe me."

I want to think that Draiman at least told his wife where he was. Guitarist Dan Donegan said a radio convention was scheduled towards the end of their recording schedule and they freaked out, making sure never to use the same entrances and exits to their hotel:

"We would sneak in separately, go into different doors and not be seen together and hope that nobody would spot us and blow our cover," the guitarist recalls with a laugh. "Somehow we pulled that off." Why the secrecy? "Since there was no time frame on this, we didn't want to speak too soon," Donegan explains. "We just wanted to see how the process went and not get people all whipped up and have the microscope on us while we were doing it."


While it seems a little silly to me, I applaud the band being able to keep the secret for so long. Kudos on them.

Immortalized comes out August 21st.

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