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Uh Oh, TRAPT's Trolling Of ICE-T Gets The Attention of NYHC Community #PrayForTrapt

Trapt is going to get themselves killed.

trapt danny diablo

Seriously, the world has been shit for the last month, but as I've mentioned on the site multiple times – we thank Trapt for providing the tiniest bit of entertainment and distraction in these trying times. Earlier this week, Trapt's ongoing meltdown focused on Ice-T for some reason. While Ice-T was electronically snuffing Trapt, Trapt just couldn't keep their mouth shut and now they got the attention of the New York Hardcore community, namely Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezac.

Diablo is best known for his project Icepick, an all-star group featuring Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta and other hardcore luminaries. Diablo is a tough dude. He made a name for himself with hardcore projects like Crown of Thornz and Skarhead. Diablo almost died after a 1993 fight where he was stabbed with an eight inch screwdriver. Despite that, he was almost charged by the court because of the beating his attacker took. In 1998, he was arrested for attempted murder. This guy is no joke.

And now Trapt is fucking with him!

So, how did this begin? Well, it started when Trapt just couldn't keep their mouth shut about Ice-T. Diablo just didn't understand how these guys could step to a legend like Ice-T.

I'm assuming Trapt is not too familiar with NYHC, because the exchange gets good. And, really, Trapt is (perhaps literally) digging their own hole.

Trapt make the mistake of calling Diablo at "tattooed gauge queen"

Then, it really boiled down to insults. But as grade-school as they are, I did find Diablo's comebacks hilarious here:

If that's not the mic drop of all insults, I don't know what is.

Thank you, again, Trapt! And, we really hope you don't get killed for this.

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