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TRAPT's Social Media Trolling Gets The Attention of ICE-T, Who Doesn't Seem Amused

Posted by on April 14, 2020 at 3:54 pm

Look, I'm trying to do my best to avoid the ongoing Trapt publicity hunt err meltdown, but sometimes there are developments that are just too funny, like now Trapt have gone ahead and pissed off Ice-T. Here's the update.

After Trapt started getting into it with metalcore bands, Born Of Osiris drummer Cameron Losch offered his own interpretation of Trapt's one hit, "Headstrong," that can be best described as "soft," as in the complete opposite of a song that sounds "hard." Also, you may have noticed Cameron altered some of the lyrics in the chorus:

So after this Trapt started coming for Born Of Osiris, and their label, Sumerian Records. Fans started chiming in listing bands on Sumerian and one fan mentioned Body Count (who's 2014 album Manslaughter was released on Sumerian, but the band is currently on Century Media records.)

Anyway, here is how that exchange went:

Kudos to this fan for laying more flames to the fire. Naturally, Trapt starts bringing up Pandora numbers again.

As fans try to point out that Ice T is in absolute other realm in terms of cred and influence, Trapt weren't hearing it.

This went on and on, and I guess Ice T finally got wind of the situation and decided to say something:

Suddenly, Trapt think making threats is wrong:

This is funny, because if you were following the Sumerian drama at all, Trapt made a bunch of much more obvious threats to the label and artists than what Ice T was saying. I went to find them and saw they were all deleted. But I have some screenshots of Trapt suggesting the label "arm themselves":

So there is your Trapt fun for the day.

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