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TRAPT Is Still Out There, Playing To Basically Nobody



Trapt really popped off right at the start of the pandemic, and for all the wrong reasons. Trapt initially melted the fuck down on Twitter in March 2020, saying everything from how they beat Hoobastank on Pandora to racism actually being over. The Twitter tirades took aim at everyone from Cane Hill's Elijah Witt and The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennett to Every Time I Die's Steve Micciche, and way more. The PRP has a hilariously exhaustive list.

Which was fine, because Trapt had a new album coming out and all that attention surely means big numbers… right? Nope. Trapt released Shadow Work a few months later and it sold 600 copies in its first week. The band claimed they actually sold 4,000 and provided zero proof, and then got brought up on allegations of not paying their music video director. But hey, at least Trapt played to a "huge crowd" in Sturgis.

Now three years after all the online back-and-forth, Witt has taken to Twitter to show what Trapt has been up to. Which is to say, posting a video of like, 40 people attending a Trapt show as the band flubs the intro riff to "Headstrong". It's not great, but what else did you expect? Trapt to not be playing a small room with barely any crowd? I'd post more Trapt live footage, but there's barely any on YouTube.

Anyway, stay tuned for when Trapt alters the below footage to show that they were actually playing to 1,000 people.

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"There was like three or four songs right in a row. I was just like, 'This is brutal, man.'"