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TRAPT Tries And Fails To Keep Taking Shots At ICE-T (It's Probably A Bad Idea)

ice t body count trapt

One month ago, Ashley Feinberg discovered Trapt's political meltdown that was just the distraction the metal world needed. It was fun for a while, and all of metalcore started ganging up on the guy. He threatened to sue a parody account, and then we were like okay, nothing can top this. Then, Trapt started fucking with Ice-T.

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You can read the details here, but the gist is Trapt were saying they get more streams than Body Count, and then Ice-T finally took notice.

As soon as Ice "Talk Shit, Get Shot" T responded, Trapt seemed to, hilariously, back off.

He kept going after we posted.

A few days ago, they vowed to focus on what got them to the dance – political issues! That didn't last long

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It led to this incredible exchange:

But back to this feud. Trapt was being real:

Rather than give Trapt any further publicity, Ice-T subtweeted Trapt, commenting on the situation:

Trapt, then, uhh, said this:

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And, then Ice-T gives the social media kill shot:

Ice-T – 2

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Trapt – 0.

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