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Metal Up Your Ass

METAL UP YOUR ASS: Flashback Friday

Thrash is back. And its cooler than ever because the masters have returned. Testament will be touring soon and Anthrax members are making all kids of special appearances. After watching Lars answer some expensive questions, you can read an interview with crust king Rob Miller of Amebix [not thrash, but still has a hefty amount of ownage].


Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante did not invent the blast beat. duh.

Metallica has another single coming out.

Everyone's starting to get Testament fever


Lamb of God latest debuted at #2 and Chris Cornell's solo album debuted at #10 on the Billboard 200. Meanwhile Chinese Democracy is finally falling out of the top 200. Which reminds me: When the fuck is that train wreck Axl going to grace stadiums all over the country in Betsey Johnson tights again. Not to mention Slash and Izzy's brainwaves synchronise on stage.

Free NIN and Janes Addiction songs –>>

Guess what Van Halen fans have been waiting to see for the last 28 years: NOT HAGAR.

Obituary DVD to be released in June

Celtic Frost front man gets PWNED by "America's Rock Band"

Rick Ta Life makes a cameo in a great blog post


"I have made Swords for the past 18 Years here on Skye, training myself in the Art of the Medieval sword smith." ^^ The reason why you need to read ALL of this Amebix interview^^

Cattle Decap don't want to push an agenda on you, but that's because they are NOT this guy.

Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh on Governor's Ball. Note: there is more radio than interview in that link.

Reasons why Wolves in the Throne Room don't reveal song lyrics listed here

Guardian reviews Brit Metal press, but forgets the one that matters most: Terrorizer; when/if the NY Times does a similar review, we all know who the winner will be: Decibel, they fucking own.

Four years later and Into The Moat is still awesome

Metal Bastard blows Mastodon, but forgets to include a picture. At least there is a cool interview to watch


6 out of 8 "no cares"

Slipknot has a #1 "Active Rock" radio hit

Black Tide teens realize touring means leaving your family and friends for months at a time.

I got your 4th of July plans right here.

Missing out on SXSW? Read Metal Suck's Metal/harcore report or follow Black Bubblegum of Brooklyn Vegan


Before there was Fred Durst and Eminem, America's favorite angry white boy would go crazy when he heard a cymbal. His era was at a time when MTV allowed musicians to ruin TV sets.

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