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Metal Up Your Ass


Posted by on August 11, 2014 at 9:49 am

Heavy MTL festival was this past weekend and I was not able to attend, but Frank was there getting a ton of coverage for Metal Injection. By the looks of our Instagram page, he had a swell time.

One moment I'm not sure Frank captured was the above photo of two of the youngest acts in metal today meeting up for a quick photo op. Unlocking The Truth took a break from the pressures of writing a new album with $1.6 million on the line to head up north to rock the festival where they ran into their female counterparts, Babymetal and decided to post this photo up on their Facebook page. Babymetal met UTT and Lady Gaga in the same week? What a week!

Some of my favorite comments on the post:

You guys going on a big group date or what?

I'm not really into Babymetal, but a collaboration would be sick!

They arent even real metal.

They'll be makin' babies in no time.

All classy and all appropriate.

In related news, a quick search for footage on Youtube shows that Babymetal got a pretty big wall of death going:

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