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Cattle Decapitation

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Back when Cattle Decapitation was much grindier.


Infectious diseases are a constant threat looming over humanity. Diseases have shaped our past and will forge our future. It is thus no surprise...

Tech-Death Tuesday

The premiere I have for your today is from Montreal tech-death supergroup Akurion who is compromised of Coma Cluster Void/ex-Cryptopsy vocalist Mike Disalvo, longtime...

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Music Videos

Chicago death metal legends Macabre have made their entire discography available digitally. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they have commissioned a music video for "The Ted...

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Spiraling and crazed death metal from Amarillo, The Abolishment Of Flesh's debut proves they aren't messing around.


The Anthropocene Extinction, in many ways is not so much a follow-up to a hugely successful album, but more like a continuation. The songwriting...


Cattle Decapitation like to give mixed signals: on the one hand, there are the songs beloved by animal rights activists that decry factory farm...


Shouldn't these guys have exhausted their formula by now? CATTLE DECAPITATION's grindcore/death metal format doesn't leave much room for growth, and they're still drilling...

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Live Footage

Who wants to hear new Cattle Decapitation? You want to hear new Cattle Decapitation!

Live Footage

Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang

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