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Swarms of Donald Trump supporters made their way to Washington D.C. today to protest the results of the election. At one point, the U.S....

Best of 2020

Over 30,000 votes have been tallied, and you, the Metal Injection junkies have made your voices heard. These are the albums you deemed to...

Best of 2020

2020 sucked. End of story. Aside from the deaths, hardships and the basic collapse of society and common sense at large; it was a...

Latest Testament Music Videos

Music Videos

Their debut single is streaming now and it's really good.

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Latest Testament Reviews


For three decades thrash legends Testament have been of the genre's best. Titans of Creation is their latest album, and continues their streak of...


The album comes with an unspoken mandate: don't rock the boat. Testament are sticking with the formula that works and giving the fans what...


I don't think it was necessarily a surprise when Testament knocked it out of the park with 2008's The Formation of Damnation. Fans may...


Testament's The Formation of Damnation has been hotly anticipated for two reasons.  First, it marks the return of lead guitarist Alex Skolnick.  This resets...

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Latest Testament Live Footage

Live Footage

From their new album Titans of Creation.

Live Footage

One month ago, the Metal Injection 15th Anniversary Show led to a night of magic and celebration, and even managed to raise $1,000 for...

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