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Evan Rachel Wood Alleges MARILYN MANSON & His Wife Tried To Blackmail Wood Into Silence

evan rachel wood marilyn manson

Evan Rachel Wood shared more details of the abuse she suffered during her relationship with Marilyn Manson in an Instagram story yesterday, February 5th. Among the accusations, she said he would draw swastikas over her bed and freely use the N-word during their relationship.

Wood publicly named Manson as her abuser earlier this week, after previously detailing being mentally and physically tortured by an older man when she was 18-years-old. You can see the details of her accusations here.

"I was called a 'Jew' in a derogatory manner," Wood wrote in an Instagram story. "He would draw swastikas over my bedside table when he was mad at me."

"I heard the 'n' word over and over," she continued. "Everyone around him was expected to laugh and join in. If you did not or (god forbid) called him out, you were singled out and abused more. I have never been more scared in my life."

"My mother is Jewish and I was raised with the religion. Because she converted and wasn't of Jewish descent he would say things like, 'that's better' because I wasn't 'blood Jewish.'" She added Manson "did not have these tattoos when we started dating."

Wood pushed back on critics who said the relationship was just kinky, saying "Brian and I never had a 'BDSM' relationship. We didn't even have 'kinky' sex. We weren't having sexual intercourse when I was being tortured, before or after. I thought I was going to die the entire time," she said.

Earlier today, she revealed that she filed a police report on December 19th, 2020 against Lindsay Usich (Manson's current wife), and a person named Leslee Lane (who we assume is was a mutual friend of Manson's and Wood's). Wood wrote she had to file a report after being alerted to threats made by the Leslee and Lindsay "for conspiring to release photos of me when I was UNDERAGE, after being given large amounts of alcohol after Brian [Manson] performed on Halloween in Las Vegas, to 'ruin my career' and 'shut me up.'" She shared screenshots of a Discord conversation in which Leslee, who took the photos, revealed that Linsday wanted old photos of Wood to potentially ruin Wood's career. The photos showed Wood in Manson's miliary general hat, with a Hitler mustache drawn on her. She claimed the photo was "a part of the humiliation and blackmail."

Evan Rachel Wood Alleges MARILYN MANSON & His Wife Tried To Blackmail Wood Into Silence
Evan Rachel Wood Alleges MARILYN MANSON & His Wife Tried To Blackmail Wood Into Silence

This follows a post on Monday where she wrote that Manson "started grooming me when I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years," adding "I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission."

On Monday, Wood also began signal-boosting other women who spoke of the abuse they alleged Manson caused to them. Another accuser has since come forward saying Manson pulled a gun on her and accused him of drugging his girlfriend at the time. A former Manson personal assistant has backed Wood's claims.

Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland, who played with Manson in 1998, was the first artist to speak out, and said that everything Wood was saying was true. Trent Reznor released a statement denouncing him. Another musician, Phoebe Bridgers, revealed she went over to Manson's house as a teenager and he joked of having "a rape room."

Otep has said earlier this week that Manson's current wife Usich used to call Otep's previous girlfriend in hysterics claiming Manson was drugged and abusive.

Manson's previous wife, Dita Von Teese responded to concern from fans by addressing the situation, saying she was never abused by Manson. Sharon Osbourne also spoke positively of her relationship with Manson but said she did not keep tabs on his personal life.

The FBI has opened an investigation into the abuse claims.

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