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10 Amazing Thrash Metal Albums From The 2020s

Old school meets new school!


As long as metalheads appreciate sick riffs, wild solos, pummeling drums and shrieking vocals, thrash will never fucking die. The 2020s has already produced certifiable thrash megaworks from bands like Megadeth, Havok and Sepultura, but what about the acts from deeper underground?

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These 10 albums represent some of the best of the genre's future heavyweights, whether they're paying tribute to the old school or carrying thrash into new, crossover realms. Bust out your best headphones and check out these 10 amazing thrash albums from the 2020s.

Bütcher – 666 Goats Carry My Chariot (2020)

The old school is still in session, and if you’re into shrieking chaos from thrash’s golden age, you’ll dig Bütcher. Hailing from Belgium, the metal thrashing madmen unleashed their sophomore album in 2020. The record is full of big ‘80s riffs and NWOBHM flair, and even gets into neoclassical territory while flying by at 200mph. But what else did you expect with that fucking album title?

SpiritWorld – Pagan Rhythms (2020)

Originally released independently in 2020 before getting picked up by Century Media the following year, SpiritWorld’s Pagan Rhythms was the first inclination of the Nevada act’s “death western” style. Mixing death metal brutality with punishing thrash guitars and primitive vocals, SpiritWorld felt like a new breed of hesher. If you miss those giant, angular Slayer riffs, just listen to “The Bringer of Light.”

Enforced – Kill Grid (2021)

This one’s an obvious inclusion. Enforced’s Kill Grid is unwaveringly violent, gritty as fuck, wildly surgical and an overall masterclass of thrash madness. It’s got some of the most powerful drumming in recent memory and a genuine don’t-give-a-fuck attitude that’s tough to come across in the 2020s. If you know, you know. If not, get listening ASAP.

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Kenn Nardi – Trauma (2021)

Trauma is far from your typical thrash album. From the mind of Anacrusis frontman Kenn Nardi, the musician’s 2021 solo release is nearly two hours of progressive and hook-heavy metal that mirrors everything from Ozzy Osbourne to Dream Theater to Carcass… and yet it’s heavily a thrash record at its core. Trauma essentially belongs in the Devin Townsend grey area of genrelessness, but it’s thrashy enough to be included here. 

Nekromantheon – Visions of Trismegistos (2021)

If you throw old school thrash into the abyss and give it a dash of Nordic folk influence, you’ve got Nekromantheon. Winner of a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannsprisen) in the metal category, Visions of Trismegistos is undoubtedly worthy of being honored. It’s got that classic Venom atmosphere with riffs that sound like they were written by a Metallica-era Dave Mustaine. Not a dull flippin’ moment. 

Wraith – Undo the Chains (2021)

Undo the Chains immediately sounds like if you sent Power Trip and Toxic Holocaust back in time to make an ‘80s thrash lovechild. Wraith’s old school vibes and fiendish vocals work beautifully with the band’s blend of classic thrash and modern hardcore riffing, and overall, Undo the Chains is a pit-starting, church burning, skull-and-bones banger. 

Autonoesis – Moon of Foul Magics (2022)

Did anyone order their thrash Cajun style? ‘Cause this shit is blackened! Rarely has a thrash album ever sounded so calm and beautiful, only to punch you in the mouth with such relentless nihility. The rhythmic brilliance of AutonoesisMoon of Foul Magics is perfectly accentuated by its production, which allows the listener to feel every single stroke of each picking hand. Seriously, this may be one of the most underrated albums of the decade so far.

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Deathhammer – Electric Warfare (2022)

Does thrash metal need more falsettos? Deathhammer certainly think so. Back into the old school mindset of relentless thrash, Electric Warfare really stands out thanks to Sergeant Salsten’s vocals, which bounce between Venom and Judas Priest without warning. His vocal leaps are genuinely impressive, as is the reliability of the zombie-infested act’s fifth album.

Hellripper – Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags (2023)

Hellripper is unique for bringing a massively multi-layered approach to its thrashterpieces. The one-man project from James McBain is never, ever, ever, ever boring… and you’ll always find new pieces of vicious soundscape with each listen. Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags is like all your favorite speed metal albums crushed into one expertly-balanced blackened thrash work. 

Judiciary – Flesh + Blood (2023)

Another entry that isn’t your typical thrash album, Judiciary’s epic Flesh + Blood is a contender for the crossover album of the year. The band of Texans essentially took every subgenre of hardcore and crunched it together with classic thrash and Gojira to make this massive, inspired work. It’s so fucking heavy… so damn precise… so seemingly effortless, yet totally unique. This is what a come-up sounds like.  

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