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Sharon Osbourne Details Messy Separation From Ozzy Osbourne; "He Tried To Grab Me In A Headlock"

Around the time of release of the new Black Sabbath album earlier this year, we learned that Ozzy and his wife Sharon were actually separated because Ozzy fell off the wagon while writing the new album. Ozzy cleaned up his act and they eventually reconciled but the details of the messy separation, which are just coming out, are quite shocking. 

Sharon Osbourne is set to release a new memoir, Unbreakable later this month and revealed an excerpt to the Sun UK, specifically about the separation.

She wrote that she found out about the drug abuse on their 30th wedding anniversary when she found texts on Ozzy's phone with Ozzy asking for drugs and not to tell Sharon. Of course, Sharon confronted Ozzy and he promised to go to rehab, but instead chose to flea to the UK. As retaliation, Sharon sold off all of Ozzy's prized vehicles out of concern of Ozzy driving recklessly under the influence. Ozzy later joked that it was the most expensive drink he ever had.

The real meat of the story is when the couple reunited a few weeks later in Los Angeles:

When the couple reunited in Los Angeles a few weeks later, Ozzy was so "cocky and arrogant" that Sharon says she "snapped," demanding a divorce and asking for 100,000 British pounds — around $162,000 — a month in spousal support.

Sharon writes that when Ozzy replied, "Over my dead body," she threw a cup of coffee at his head, adding, "Then I grabbed him and pulled at his precious hair with one hand, while trying to yank off his jewelry with the other. He went for me, trying to grab me in a headlock."

These two have a history of fighting, what with Ozzy once so high that he tried to strangle Sharon to death in the 80s, but at this point it seems intense. Once Ozzy went to rehab and cleaned up, the couple met again in May and Sharon wrote:

"It seemed like forever since I'd looked into my husband's eyes, but now I was looking into sober eyes. The man I loved was present. I could tell he was relieved to be sitting next to me. I put my hand on his, took him in my arms and we cried."

It can't be easy living with an addict, but I hand it Sharon for pulling through, she is obviously a strong woman. The two have been together since.

[via Blabbermouth]

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