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Black Sabbath

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Latest News

“They've all meant something, but they're the ones that sort of stood out initially."

Latest News

"Even Slayer. They weren't that buzzsaw guitar back in the day. All those bands. Biohazard. I mean, all those bands — they were hard...

Latest News

"There really are some great songs on that album."

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Music Videos

There are supergroups and then there are SUPERGROUPS! Sabbatonero is the latter. Born out of the COVID lockdowns, Venom Inc. bassist/vocalist Tony ‘Demolition Man’...

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Holy hell, you guys! The metal gods heard my complaining last week. I made the mistake of bitching about not enough notable releases, and...


A certain amount of fanfare trumpets the return of the regal beast that is Black Sabbath: neither a comically castrating reality show nor endless amounts...

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