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Free Speech Warriors TRAPT Threatened To Sue Parody Twitter Account

Posted by on March 31, 2020 at 3:53 pm

As much as we try to move past this Trapt story, they are making it hard to look away. Last week, what started as a meltdown on Twitter about Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak in the US let to Power Trip challenging them, and then the entire metalcore scene busting jokes on them. We thought it was over, but I guess some folks on social media where trying to have a little fun poking at the band, but the Constitutionalists in Trapt were not having it.

Loudwire reports a parody account arose in the last 24 hours with the Twitter handle @TRAPTOFFIClAL, and as you can see the joke is it's all caps and the "i" in "official" is actually a lowercase "L." The band shot off their first tweet and a new parody account was born:

Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown did not find this amusing and immediately threatened to sue, but the parody account was not swayed. The account temporarily changed its Twitter handle to "@TRAAPTOFFICIAL" before changing back and just indicating in their name that they were Trapt with two A's, resulting in less confusion.

Shortly after Loudwire published their story, Brown responded saying once they changed their name he was no longer interested in suing.

The parody account's bio was updated to read “hey thabjs for checking out our page:) we are the rock band traptofficLal (not to be confused with @traptofficial) that loves USA and kicking ass”. Good grief, another day of free publicity for Trapt. And really nothing says it better than this tweet:

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