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TRAPT Have Spent The Last 48 Hours Melting Down on Twitter Over Coronavirus

Posted by on March 18, 2020 at 5:34 pm

Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown must be going crazy inside quarantine, because over the last two days, he seemingly is having a Twitter meltdown about COV-19, or coronavirus. Brown is notorious for his Trump-loving right wing views, which our friends at MetalSucks, have covered in great length.

While US president Donald Trump has only begun acknowledging the pandemic in the last week, Trapt think Trump is actually doing a fine job and is spending a lot of time on Twitter to make sure people know that. Slate's Ashley Feinberg reports the "Headstrong" nu-metal one-hit-wonders tweeted roughly 900 times in the last 48 hours (equaling about 1/5th of their output). Here are some highlights:

Here Trapt attacks Captain America himself, Chris Evans:

Trapt think Trump is doing a great job:

Also, they beat Hoobastank on Pandora:

…didn't take long for the basement comments…

Also, there seem to be dozens of tweets like this, where they proudly recall that they currently have 2 million Spotify listeners and 2.6 million Pandora users:

Trapt think racism is over:

The Slate article keeps going and going, you can see more lowlights there because Trapt always post through it.

Update: Actually, this is the best exchange…

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