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A Female Perspective

A Female Perspective: Girl on Girl Action Not A Cerebral Bore

By – Noa Avior

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Have you ever tried biting into aluminum foil? You know that electric feeling that goes from your jaw to your brain? Well that just happened in my vagina. It might be partially the cancer but mostly a reaction to Cerebral Bore. Thanks to Cosmo Lee over at Invisible Oranges, I have a new lady crush on the frontwoman who goes by the name of "Som". I can't help it and I love when I'm proved wrong but my initial reaction to chicks in bands is that they come off as pretentious, attention loving whores. They just want to be pinup stars and that's cool but it has nothing to do with the music. Simone "Som" Pluijmers on the other hand is just a regular Dying Fetus t-shirt and cargo shorts kinda girl. Her voice is guttural bliss. Her range brings dimension and textures over the music nicely.

After watching the video for "The Bald Cadaver" (above) I felt that maybe her vocals were over produced. There is a layer of some kind of an effect on her voice that bothers me. I'm not a singer or a music producer so I don't know for sure what it is. I had to make sure that she wasn't perfected in editing so I turned to the interwebs and found some live footage. The audio quality was audible enough for me to tell that she is for real.

What would she be without good accompanists though? Lucky for her the rest of the band is death metal par excellence. Just the right amount of blast beats, guitar squeals and bass noodling.

Som says in her bio: "I don't want to be put in that box between those girls who think theyre the shit but actually all they want is attention. (Ofcourse there are guys like that aswell)". I know that she means chicks in bands, btw, didn't I say that is usually my impression of them too? But I think that the same mentality can be applied to the women in the scene. It's usually girls like Som who don't concentrate on getting all dolled up like the harlot I wrote about who likes to wear tight pants and clown make up to "metal concert things", who are the hot chicks**. They can roll with the guys, keep PMS to a minimum and most important they are passionate about their music.

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Even though Som probably shies away from being labeled a hot metal chick, she sure is one in my eyes. I would let her knead my corpus callosum any day of the week.

**I realized that this statement makes me come off like a douche. I am guilty of wearing tight pants and make up to shows too. I also wash my hair etc. What I meant was in reference to my previous article about girls who think they are metal just by the way they look. Capeesh?

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