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99 Metal Bands Will Contribute To A Cover Of "99 Bottles of Beer"

So you know that super brutal tune "99 Bottles of Beer" that's not in the least bit irritating? Yeah, apparently 99 metal bands will contribute to a cover of that. All of it.

Apparently this all came to fruition as an idea between Fulgora bassist John Jarvis and Cattle Decapitation bassist Derek Engemann, now it's a lot more than just that. It appears as though they'll be getting members from the following bands to contribute to the song, and not the entire band. Keep in mind this is only a partial list… you know, since there's noticeably not 99 bands listed here:

Cannibal Corpse
Dying Fetus
Misery Index
Cattle Decapitation
Cerebral Bore
Decrepit Birth
Putrid Pile
Insidious Decrepancy
Cephalic Carnage
Murder Construct

I think I'm at the very least a little bit interested in what's going on here… as long as it's super brutal. or even better! If each verse is in the style of the contributing band member! Oh damn that would be cool. Bring it on!

[ via MetalSucks]

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