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VENOM's Cronos Makes Confusing Comments About Frontwomen

Cronos of Venom makes some comments about frontwomen that get the metal world in an uproar.

Cronos of Venom makes some comments about frontwomen that get the metal world in an uproar.

Apparently, Venom's frontman Cronos has made some pretty silly comments about frontwomen and men. According to Metal Sucks, in an interview with The Rockpit, he said,

“I was telling some press guy recently, where the fucking hell are all the frontmen? Where have they gone? It seems like that’s one of the biggest things that’s missing at the minute, is where’s the new people like…and I’m not saying copy cat…but I’m saying the next charismatic figure.

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Where’s the next Ozzy Osbourne, where’s the next fucking Alice Cooper. It’s just girls at the fucking minute ’cause when you see the stage show for artists like Pink and even these fucking Aguilera’s and all the rest of these fucking Katy Perry’s, they are putting on incredible shows and they’re fucking kick ass bitches with a fucking attitude! And it’s like wow frontwomen, I’m up for that haha!”

This definitely seems like an odd statement, but there doesn't seem to be a huge point in getting all bent out of shape about the fact that he mostly mentions metal legends and female pop stars – clearly the guy is a bit out of touch, and who cares? He's a major player in classic metal in his own right, and doesn't need to be keeping up with all the latest trends, in metal or anywhere else. What is a little disconcerting to me, as a female metalhead and someone who spent the past couple of years researching women in heavy metal, is that he he could've mentioned awesome female frontwoman like Lita Ford, the ladies in Girlschool, the two women who have been in Arch Enemy, or any number of popular and accessible but still more relevant examples. Women like Pink and Katy Perry might kick ass in their own right, but certainly not in the same category as the type of female frontwoman who could be compared to Alice Cooper or Ozzy. Regardless, despite any ruffled feathers Cronos might have caused, his intent does not seem to be malicious, more likely just a case of riffing on an idea without a ton of forethought.

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