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A Female Perspective

A Female Perspective: EVERGREY's Glorious Collision Will Get You Laid

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If there is ever a band that can turn a man into a jelly of emotions it's Evergrey. Hold on, don't stop reading just yet if you're not familiar. These aren't your average famished, yelping, tight jeaned, hair covering the face, one eyed looking, emo sewer mutants. Everygrey is a progressive doomy metal band from musical paradise… eehhem I mean Gothenburg, Sweden.

A Female Perspective: EVERGREY's Glorious Collision Will Get You LaidGlorious Collision is the latest release from Evergrey. This is the first album written after a line-up change that saw everyone replaced except the singer/guitarist Tom S. Englund and keyboardist Rikard Zander. Normally, this would be cause for concern, but let me spoil the surprise for you. The Evergrey sound you have come to know and groove to is sustained throughout, comparable to their 2008 album, Torn.

For those of you looking for the ferocity of their earlier albums, you'll find a more tender touch. What got me hooked on this band was the voice of Tom Englund. There is no one who sounds like him or can come close to mimicking his style. His forté is recognized as his voice amplifies and reverberates over the music. You can hear him very distinctly and aurally that gives off an omnipotent vibe. I found this odd as the story of the album appears to have resulted from loose seams of an unhealed scar. A man who submits to being defeated by the world/life/love. Or maybe not. I've never been good at deciphering alternate meanings. The compositions are sumptuous and moving. In keeping with Evergrey fashion, hard hitting riffs are subdued with keyboard tones and lyrical movements. Earlier this year Evergrey released a video for "Wrong". They did right because this track is one of the stronger ones on the album.


Glorious Collision has a somber overtone and will make you feel like you're wrapped in a dark velvet blanket. When you're trying to impress a lady, put this album on and she'll be surprised that a metal viking like yourself  can listen to something so touching. Once "The Phantom Letters" comes on this is where you can go for the kill.

"I leave this note by your side, I did the same thing every night.
Through years I've tried, inside are words for you to find.
To let you know about the things I never dared to show or say out loud…".

I'm quivering right now, I don't know what kind of broad wouldn't be mesmerized by these lyrics. Send Tom a note about how well your date went. Also, if you're feeling angry and want to wallow in it for a little this album would be a great soundtrack. Take your pick of any song but I would go with "I'm Drowning Alone".

So, fasten your seat belt and grab a tissue box because this album is an emotional roller coaster. If you're too manly to have feelings then this melodrama is not for you… and we can't hang.

I give this album 7.5 star stickers out of the 10 I have. I'll use the rest to adorn the cover in addition to the rainbows and smiley face stickers I bought from the dollar store.

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