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A Female Perspective

A Female Perspective: A Declaration for Ihsahn

by: Noa Avior

A Female Perspective: A Declaration for IhsahnSince the early days of civilization, groups of people have chosen to gather for a common cause, rallied for reform and rebelled as one against plight. One of the great things about living in an age of technology is that we can be part of a revolution while we're sitting at a desk, in our slippers, face to face with a computer.

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A fellow by the name of Richard Donahue has been campaigning via the internet for a greater good. He's created a Facebook group calling for Ihsahn to be attached to Opeth's US Tour (assuming they do one) in 2011. It seems far fetched and as if the creator was moonstruck but I am curious to see if enough "Likes" on a Facebook page can actually influence the formation of a tour. I've enjoyed Ihsahn's trimorphous releases in the last couple of years that I myself have been asking: When do I get to hear this live?! So, Richard, you're clamoring and I hear you.

I think it would be such a testament of modernity if we, the fans, through the internet, influence the structure of a tour that hasn't even been summoned yet. If enough people show their support we can break down the walls of what ever it is that is preventing Ihsahn to come hither.

Even if you don't like these bands, think about your metalhead neighbor. It doesn't take much effort, just a few mouse clicks starting right here.

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