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DANK SLAMS: New ANALEPSY Track "The Vermin Devourer" May Spawn A Black Hole of Heaviness

Posted by on January 5, 2017 at 10:14 am

Is there a better way to start off this newest of years than droppin a massive, earthquake-inducing, world-imploding slam? Wait, come to think of it, neither of those descriptors do justice to what you are about to hear – we should have said UNIVERSE-DEVOURING SLAM!

Yep, that's what we got in store for all you slamophiles this week on Dank – a slam so brutal and cataclysmic that we are almost too afraid to be premiering it, for fear of spawning a black hole that swallows you and everything you love. Ah well, were all fucked any way, so bring it the fuck on!

Analepsy group

Straight from the Portugal, we bring you Analepsy. For those in the know, the guys released one of the decades best slams with their incredibly well-received debut EP, Dehumanization By Supremacy (previously covered here on Dank Slams). As we mentioned back then, contained within said EP exists a collection of eight firmly executed tracks that blends vibrant, intense, rich death metal riffing with the bludgeoning, pounding pit-riffs associated with the sub-sub-genre of brutal slamming death metal. Every single note was crafted in such a way as to deliver one of the best brutal death metal listening experiences ever. For real. Anyway, we can ramble on all day about how goddamn addictive this thing is, but that's not why we are here… so, enough chat… let's do this!

We at Dank Slams are incredibly chuffed to bring you the world premiere of the song "The Vermin Devourer", straight from Analepsy's forthcoming album, entitled Atrocities From Beyond (dropping January 27th via Vomit Your ShirtRising Nemesis Records). To say that we are excited for this album is an understatement. Listen, and you will soon understand…

Well, there ya have it. What'd we tell ya? If your now-prolapsed anus craves more brutality, the guys will have a digital pre-order available next week, so keep an eye on both their Bandcamp and official FB page for more information as it becomes available. By doing so, you'll receive ten tracks in total, with a running time of just over 30 minutes. Located directly below is the full tracklisting and album artwork (courtesy of the wickedly talented Pedro Sena). Regarding Atrocities From Beyond, the guys had this to say…

"This album is the result of our best efforts so far, and we’re confident about this release. It is a whole new original story full of violent happenings which will throw the listener into a clash between two distinct eras."

Analepsy - Atrocities From Beyond

"Apocalyptic Premonition"
"Rifts To Abhorrence"
"The Vermin Devourer"
"Witnesses Of Extinction"
"Ferocious Aftermath"
"Engorged Absorption"
"Eons in Vacuum"
"Depths Of Agony"
"Atrocity Deeds"
"Omen Of Return"


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