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Introducing The Commute: Our Playlist For The Best New Metal Every Monday

Updated every Monday.


No matter if you're commuting to work an hour away, or commuting from your bed to the home office, we can all agree that getting up and dealing with those first groggy hours sucks. We're here to make it suck less with our ongoing playlist The Commute, which brings you all the best new metal every Monday morning.

Welcome to The Commute, our brand new playlist featuring tons of great new metal! The Commute will be updated every Monday with some of the best recent metal tracks to wake you up and get you in gear for the day (or rage in traffic on the way home, or blow off some steam, etc.). Since this is a brand new playlist, let's kick things off with 30 killer tracks that have been released in 2022 so far!

This edition of The Commute includes:

  1. "God Fetish" by Jesus Wept, from their recent EP Psychedelic Degeneracy.
  2. "Rise From The Grave" by Undeath, from their recent album It's Time… To Rise From The Grave.
  3. "Recycled Hate" by Inhuman Condition, from their upcoming album Fearsick due out July 15.
  4. "Infiltrators" by Misery Index, from their upcoming album Complete Control due out May 13.
  5. "T.F.B" by Morbid Visionz, from their recent demo.
  6. "Under The Boot" by Inhuman Nature, from their recent EP Under The Boot.
  7. "1992" by Extinction A.D., from their recent album Culture Of Violence.
  8. "When Talking Fails, It's Time For Violence" by Wormrot, from their upcoming album Hiss due out July 8.
  9. "Felled Plume" by Knoll, from their upcoming album Metempiric due out June 24.
  10. "Grave Dive" by Municipal Waste, from their upcoming album Electrified Brain due out July 1.
  11. "Choke On The Ashes Of Your Hate" by Machine Head, from their upcoming album Of Kingdom And Crown due out August 26.
  12. "Depths Of Kur" by Shrouded Infinity, from their recent EP Through Caverns Unknown.
  13. "Teething" by God Mother, which was a standalone single and 7".
  14. "To Plead Like Angels" by Predatory Light, from their upcoming album Death And The Twilight Hours due out May 20.
  15. "Sodom vises himlafärd" by Ultra Silvam, from their recent album The Sanctity Of Death.
  16. "Dream Cull" by Abbath, from his recent album Dread Reaver.
  17. "Ex Oblivion" by Tombs, from their upcoming EP Ex Oblivion due out June 13.
  18. "Cancer Culture" by Decapitated, from their upcoming album Cancer Culture due out May 27.
  19. "The Vigour Of Evil" by Devil Master, from their upcoming album Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night due out April 29.
  20. "A Nightmare Slain" by Abysmal Dawn, from their recent EP Nightmare Frontier.
  21. "Speak Your Truth" by Crisix, from their recent album Full HD.
  22. "Död Jord" by Soreption, from their upcoming album Jord due out June 10.
  23. "Corpus Sonica" by Pharmacist, from their recent album Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds.
  24. "Phantoms" by Meshuggah, from their recent album Immutable.
  25. "Synthwave Vegan" by Veil Of Maya, which is so far a standalone single.
  26. "Total Extinction" by Jungle Rot, from their upcoming album A Call To Arms due out May 15.
  27. "Inside The Walls Of Madness" by Schizophrenia, from their recent album Recollections Of The Insane.
  28. "Locus Of Dawning" by Analepsy, from their recent album Quiescence.
  29. "Veneration Of Carnal Blasphemy" by Golgothan Remains, from their recent album Adorned In Ruin.
  30. "Totentanz – Dance Macabre" by Belphegor, from their upcoming album The Devils due out June 24.
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