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South Africa's VULVODYNIA Eviscerate Absolutely Everything On Finis Omnium Ignorantium

It sounds like teeth scraping concrete and brains blown all over the damn place

It sounds like teeth scraping concrete and brains blown all over the damn place

Last time I was here I was shouting at you about Vulvodynia and their distinctive brand of devastating death metal; if you missed it then I'm not offended, much. Let's let bygones be bygones because I now implore you all to check out the latest full length from these South African destruction dynamos. If there's a space in your life that needs filled by metal that is utterly terrifying in execution and addictive as those little white sticks that were outlawed in Demolition Man, this is it.

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Finis Omnium Ignorantium picks up exactly where Cognizant Castigation left off; primarily with teeth scraping concrete and brains blown all over the damn place. The overpowering production on this spin 100% gives this band the platform to slam for days and spin twisted deathcore riffs that merit more than a nod back to the progenitors of the genre. It's not plagiarism or parody, more like a death metal love letter to the bands that these young musos grew up ingesting and idolizing. It's not enough these days just to have the sickest breakdowns or blasts anymore ,which Vulvodynia have anyway, so the layers of synths and soundbites that intersperse and cut through tracks like "Infinite Darkness" really give this band their own brand identity among their peers. That's not to say they are the only ones doing (everyone is doing it) but it really meshes here. Better than anyone else I'd say.

There's so much meat on the bones of this record that a vegetarian would probably consider self immolation if they got too close to it. Some absolutely brutal guest vocals from members of Analepsy and Internal Devour, among others, just embellish what is already a solid, adaptive musical product. There's plenty here for 2007 deathcore kids who crave more brutality than their former idols are giving. On the other hand Vulvodynia would be a great band to show someone if they were pushing to get into more extreme metal. Great goddamn job gents.



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