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Dank Slams


Sometimes, there are slams that… well… yeah… you know. Sometimes… just sometimes… the gore and over-the-top imagery and lyrical matter can't be avoided. To those of you out there who might look at today's installment of Dank and be immediately repulsed – thrown into a social justice warrior, hulk-like triggered state – to those people we would ask: what the hell did you expect from a sub-genre of music that is intended to sound like every human sphincter in the world singing a glorious anthem of liquid shite at the exact same moment? This isn't to say slam is shit. Not at all. If we mic'd every single butt in the world as each one exploded simultaneously, well, it would sound brutal. Slam is brutal. Right?

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Yeah, it's not pretty. Yeah, it's content is often morally questionable. That being said, would we have it any other way? Would we replace Jason Vorhees' machete with a bouquet of flowers? Would we convert Hannibal Lecter to veganism? Would we hire Pennywise as a jolly, old mall Santa Clause? No. We would not. Ridiculous. So, why on god's green earth would we take the B out of BSDM (Brutal Slamming Death Metal)? Geesh.

Anyway, enough of that. In all likelihood you are here because you were long ago desensitized to overt brutality in music, TV, and movies. You understand the difference between reality and fiction. You, my friend, are a grounded, reasonably sane member of the human race. As such, we are confident you will dig what we are throwin down today. With that being said, we've got a double-whammy of slammy slam for y'all, which includes two exclusives, premiering here at ye olde stanky dank!

Let's do this, you sick fuks!



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Parasitic Ejaculation. Yep, a familiar name in slam circles, to be certain. Still, to this day, we are left scratching our heads as it relates to the band name. I mean, don't get us wrong, it sounds absolutely, beautifully brutal! But, really, what the hell does it all mean? Is it describing a parasite getting a reach-around? Can parasites even ejaculate? Here at the dank tank, we are picturing a lone Protozoa surrounded by a gaggle of male Enterobiasis (more commonly referred to as a Pinworm), who proceed to unload their pathogenic spunk all over the poor, unsuspecting microbe (parasitic bukkake, anyone?).

Whatever. The name doesn't matter. What DOES matter are the slams being delivered… and man, oh, man, do these guys deliver! With their third full-length album, Isolation, set to drop any minute, we are super stoked to bring you the first listen of this beast, entitled "Global Decimation" (thanks again to our friends over at Slam Worldwide).

Of interesting note, the song features frequent Metal Injection contributor, Trevor Strnad (be sure to check out his column The Obituarist). Oh, did we forget to mention that Trevor is also the vocalist for a little band you might have heard of called The Black Dahlia Murder? Yeah, that Trevor.

The guys go on to explain the decision to bring Trevor in…

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"We were honored to have Trevor of TBDM featured on "Global Decimation". The discordant riffing and huge death metal breakdowns just seemed naturally suited to his shrieking, other worldly vocals. Meanwhile, the song’s lyrics paint a very Jon Huber-era Pathology-esque misanthropic picture of the consequences of greed and capitalistic expansion facing our planet. Maybe a little bit of a serious tone for us, but like the decision to feature Trevor, it just felt right with the sound of the song! Anyways we’re honored to be premiering this on Metal Injection, and I hope everyone enjoys the song and checks out the album when it drops!"

Well, are you sufficiently slamatized? Need more? Stay tuned to Amputated Vein Records for more info as it becomes available.


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You can't put the two above descriptors side by side and not be inhumanely brutal. It just doesn't happen. I mean, the band name begs many questions. Where is the fetus being disgorged from? Mouth? Bum? Ear? Urethra? We need more info here. Either way, what we do know is that many fetuses are being vomited forth from an orifice of some kind (we'll leave the rest up to your objectionable imaginations). With a name like that, you know immediately what you are getting yourself into. Consider yourselves warned.

For those of you unfazed/desensitized/numb to, well, life, we have an incredibly brutal slice of slam served-up by Arizona's Fetal Disgorge. The song, (horrifically) titled "Dead Girls Do More", is from their forthcoming sophomore effort, Mass Female Degradation, set to be released on June 9th via Gore House Productions.

But, before we jump into said slam, here is a quick word from the disgorged ones regarding the release…

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“We wanted to stay true to our sound. The entire album was produced in collaboration with Wade Taylor of Atoll, and was recorded in both his practice space and his home. We felt that it helped to keep that raw brutality aspect that is part of our overall sound. "Dead Girls Do More" is one of the new tracks on the album and captures that old school underground essence. We hope fans, old and new, can appreciate what we were going for. If you dig the first single, just wait until you spin the album.”

There you have it. Like we said, inhumanely brutal. Mass Female Degradation is set for release June 9th. Head here to preorder your copy!

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