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Live Footage

It's insane how good they were, even that young.

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It seems like every year, there is at least one small sliver of evidence that we might get a follow-up to the now legendary...

Mashups & Covers

If you're still waiting for some new Necrophagist like the rest of everyone, then here's hoping this crushing cover holds you over until then...


Will we ever hear new Necrophagist?

Latest News

Muhammed Suiçmez DOES make a comment in here though, which is cool.

Bummer Alert

Not the news you wanted, but the news you pretty much knew already.


It's just the first new music from Necrophgist in over a decade. NO BIG DEAL!


Oh the humanity! It's a progressive metal massacre!


We wish it were true.

Gear Gods

Samus, inventor of fart metal is back with a new video covering the band that just. won't. put out new music… Necrophagist. Bonus: he...

The best of all the Radio Disney covers by Andy Rehfeldt. Previously, Andy has done Radio Disney covers of Deicide, Slipknot and Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth...


We joked the last time we had an update about new music from Necrophagist, but we now actually have an update. For real!

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Although it seems like we may have to wait an eternity for the next Necrophagist LP to surface, drummer Romain Goulon has been keeping...

Around the Interwebs

Insider sources have gotten into Necrophagist's studio and managed to snap this photo. [via Metal Memes]

Around the Interwebs

Our buddy Keith Carlson hit it out of the park again with his new comic for Orlandooom. You may recall last week's great Portal...

Upcoming Releases

A few junkies have recently sent me some emails asking if I had happened to hear anything about this infamous new Necrophagist record that...