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An Actual Update On A New NECROPHAGIST Album

We joked the last time we had an update about new music from Necrophagist, but we now actually have an update. For real!

The death metal band haven't been active since 2008. The last time during their final tour and the band hoped to have an album out the following year. That didn't happen. Then we heard summer of 2010. That didn't happen. We had some hope in 2011, when we learned the band entered the studio but nothing came out of it.

This is without question the death metal version of Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy.

I've heard since that initially problems with certain people at Necrophagist's label were to blame. But those people are not at the band's label anymore, so that cannot be the hold up.

Today, we finally heard from a member of the band, technically, the newest member of the band, drummer Romain Goulon posted on his Facebook page "Now, back to brutal death… Some recording to do those next weeks." which prompted some fans to assume he meant Necrophagist. Goulon clarified it was for another band and then added:

Necrophagist is definitely not dead !!! There will be a new album. I'm aware that people are crazy about it, but if you ask me for a date, I'm afraid I can't help… I think we're close to get all the required "ingredients" to go back to work.

Well, that's reassuring, I guess?

Maybe in two years we'll be able to post another status update and get excited at the possibility of a new Necrophagist album. Meanwhile…

[via MetalSucks]

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