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Former NECROPHAGIST Drummer Would Rather The Band Not Release A New Album


It seems like every year, there is at least one small sliver of evidence that we might get a follow-up to the now legendary 2004 death metal opus, Epitaph, from Necrophagist. The last rumor to surface was in 2019 that a new album was complete. Two years pass, and nothing. Well, if it were up to former member and renowned drummer Hannes Grossmann, he thinks the band should never release a new album and possibly tarnish their legacy.

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Grossman, who went on to record with Obscura and Alkaloid (as well as release a ton of great solo stuff) was recently interviewed on The MetalSucks Podcast and was asked if he had heard anything about a possible new Necrophagist release.

Grossman answered earnestly. “I have no clue. Absolutely not [I don’t know]. The last time I met the guys was in 2007 or something. Just disappeared I guess.

“But again, I would say… from my point of view I would be super interested in hearing another record.

“But then again, what would you expect? I mean, there’s also one voice in my head that keeps telling me hopefully there will never be another record because then this one record that I play on will be the standard and what everybody compares it to. It’s definitely a classic death metal album and, you know, how can I put it? If that’s the final album, then I’ll be the one guy that played on that album. If there’s an album with another drummer who, of course, will be fantastic ’cause he has to [be able] to play this stuff, then it’s not as exclusive anymore. [laughs]

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“But that’s a very selfish thought and, well… I would say I wouldn’t expect another record though. If there was any interest by anybody to do it, then it would have been done by now. Don’t you think? It’s so long ago. I don’t think it’s happening. And the momentum is completely gone.

“If there was another Necrophagist record with a similar type of sound it would almost be a retro album in some way, from today’s perspective. And that was never the point of that band. I think it was always meant to be one step ahead of everybody else. If there was another record, the whole myth would be gone. And they’d compare that record to the old record and of course everyone would say, ‘Oh, the old record is better.’ Because it always is, even if it isn’t.”

You can listen to the full conversation below.

 In 2014, some fans seemed to believe that some photoshopped piece of art was definitely the cover of the next Necrophagist record, and in 2013, drummer Romain Goulon said the band definitely wasn't dead. Sadly, in 2016, Goulon retracted his statement basically saying the band is dead and needs a coffin.

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In 2019, a fan posted a selfie with reclusive frontman Muhammed Suiçmez. In the comments, a friend asked Kris if he asked Muhammed about the possibility of a new album. Kris' response was “He told me he’s got the album recorded on a hard drive somewhere ? Just no motivation right now to do the band again.”

It's basically what we at Metal Injection have been hearing. About five years ago, a reputable source told me that Suiçmez was writing and was hoping to put something out but then nothing ever happened of it. That same source later told me that Suiçmez was basically over it.

For now, we'll just keep blasting Epitaph.

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