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This Is Not The Cover To The Next NECROPHAGIST Album

We wish it were true.

We wish it were true.

Last night, the above artwork was being passed around purporting to be  the cover of the new Necrophagist album, which would be called Invoking the Execution of Worlds. We were tipped off by reader Josh Lloyd of it being passed around. One problem… this is just the work of some kid with Photoshop.

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There is no new Necrophagist album just yet. A quick reverse-Google image search brings up the artist Paolo Girardi who drew the matte painting being used here a few years ago. So somebody slapped a Necrophagist logo on there and then came up with a silly title. It's totally fake.

How do we know it's fake? We asked somebody at Relapse, the label to which Necrophagist is contractually obliged to deliver their next record,. A muscular source confirmed it's fake. Also, anytime I have a chance to talk to somebody at Relapse Records, they have nothing new for me. The answer is always "maybe next year" but never "oh, Muhammed is working on new material" even though Muhammed promised me personally in 2008 that an album was coming.

As for what's taking so long? The answer is simply Muhammed Suiçmez doesn't feel like it. Every once in a while, we'll get a tease but no actual progress.

Even crazier? It's been 10 years since the band's landmark releaseEpitaph. Their fans might be over it by now.

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