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Kids Reacting To Hearing BLACK SABBATH Will Restore Your Faith In The Future

Kids are pretty into it / aware of who Black Sabbath is.

Kids reacting to metal can be really hit or miss, but these kids are pretty into Black Sabbath. Fine Bros Entertainment's video of kids listening to Black Sabbath ranges from the reactees either just being "meh" about it to really being into it.

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Some of the kids know Ozzy, some of 'em say their parents are into Black Sabbath, but overall it's just a really cool video if only for the fact that you can be rest assured Black Sabbath is still timeless.  Here are some other fun "Reacts" videos recently:

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It's called the Drepanoistodus Iommi.

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"As far as I'm concerned, the book's never closed with Sabbath."


Guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward first appeared at Ozzy Osbourne’s doorstep in 1968. The pair arrived in response to an old “Ozzy Zig Needs a Gig” advertisement that had lingered even...