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All The Metal Releases Coming Out on Record Store Day Tomorrow (METALLICA, SLAYER, etc)

A list of all things metal to be released on record store day 2015

A list of all things metal to be released on record store day 2015

Every year the third Sunday in April, otherwise known as Record Store Day, offers up some really good re-releases, new releases and just general metal goodies for those of us who like to nerd out and collect music in really cool formats. This year's date, which falls on April 18th, has a particularly awesome array of stuff to pick from. It seems to be the year of the vinyl record for the most part, which is no surprise considering what is big right now. There's even a cassette tape thrown in there for good measure. Here is our list of the fifteen most essential Record Store Day releases to pick up this year.

Metallica Re-Release No Life 'Till Leather Demo Cassette

Metallica-cassette-2015Metallica are doing us all an awesome favor this year and re-releasing something really classic. No Life 'Till Leather will be available on cassette for a limited time only. This album is so interesting because it features the group's original lineup, and it contains the song "The Mechanix" written by Dave Mustaine, which later became what we all know as "The Four Horsemen." This release also looks legit, featuring a cover that looks like an old recordable tape cover with the tracks written in. Regardless of how you feel about the group's later career, everyone can be stoked for the re-release of this album.


New Slayer Track to be Released

new-Slayer-record-store-dayIn other huge news, Slayer are finally gracing us all with a vinyl of their brand new song, "When The Stillness Comes" for Record Store Day. The track will be a follow up to last year's release of "Implode." The song will only be released on a limited run of 5,000 7" vinyl records. The B-side will feature a version of "Black Magic" recorded last year at Wacken Open Air festival. And hopefully, this means that a full-length from the group will be out soon. Try and snag this if you are a die-hard Slayer fan, but copies will inevitably go fast.


Mastodon to Release Trippy Picture Disc

MASTODON---ATLANTA-2015-RSD-12-Picture-Disc-0Everyone's favorite psych-influenced and accessible metal band Mastodon will be releasing a 12" picture disc of the single "Atlanta," which was previously only available as an exclusive release by Adult Swim. The song is also special because it contains vocal work by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. The B-side of the disc will feature an instrumental version of the song, and the cool design on the vinyl is by Mastodon's own Brent Hinds. This song is really good, and this exclusive release is bound to raise a fair price some day.

Hawkwind to Re-Release to Records

Monster space-rockers Hawkwind, always fond of an excuse for a cool release, have two records coming out on Record Store Day. One will be a 7" vinyl out on the label Cherry Red which is to be a re-release of "Back on the Streets" and "The Dream of Isis," two songs which originally came out in 1976. The other offering is coming out through RHINO records, and is a re-release of their first ever self-title LP, for a short time only in orange colored vinyl.

Ministry to Release a Box Set

There's nothing like a good boxed set to celebrate the achievements of a unique and talented band, and it is about time that Ministry come out with a new one. The one they are releasing for Record Store Day will include original recordings, outtakes, and live versions. This looks to be some pretty backlogged stuff, so probably not for the casual listener, but for the serious fan, I think you would be remiss to skip out on this release.

Venom to Release New Album on Vinyl

venomVenom will be releasing their new album, out last year, on vinyl in honor of Record Store Day. The record, entitled From the Very Depths, is their 14th studio album, and if you missed it entirely, it doesn't stray too far from the Venom we all know and love; it's predictable, but solid and dependable. The release will be through Spinefarm records, and on 12" vinyl.

GWAR to Release a Pop-Up Art Album

gor-gorGWAR are going to give us a newly released version of their third studio album, America Must Be Destroyed, this year. The record will come out as a 45 RPM double-LP with a certificate of exclusivity and – the best part – some Gor-Gor (GWAR's famed monster mascot) pop up art. Who wouldn't want that?

Carcass to Release Greatest Hits on Rare Vinyl

Carcass have always been really good at fun merchandising, and this year they are coming out with everyone's favorite death metal greatest hits album, Choice Cuts on rare red and clear, blood-splatter vinyl. This is not only a great and classic record to spin, the new presentation will make it even more fun.

At The Gates to Release Classic Album on Colored Vinyl

atthegatesAt The Gates plan to release one of their strongest albums of all time, Gardens of Grief, on special edition colored 12" vinyl for record store day. The album will feature a rare fold-out poster, and some previously unseen photos from the early days of the group. This is a must-have for the melodic death metal collector.

Candlemass to do Classic Reissue

Candlemass are re-releasing the classic live album simply entitled Live from 1990 this April, and doing so on limited edition 12" vinyl through Metal Blade. The album will feature a gate fold jacket, and be released as a double LP. This group has always been one for spectacle, and this re-issue should not disappoint.

Blue Oyster Cult to Release Soundtrack on Colored Vinyl

Known only to really serious fans, Blue Oyster Cult contributed to the soundtrack for the film Bad Channels in 1992. The tracks they contributed are "Demon Kiss" and "Horsemen Arrive." Just in time for record store day, the whole soundtrack is being re-released on vinyl, one record in black, one in blue. I'm not sure about ay of the other tracks on the record, but this is bound to be a winner for hardcore BOC fans.

Electric Wizard Release Latest Album on Silver Vinyl

futuristika_electric-wizard-time-to-die_01Electric Wizard are releasing their newest record, Time To Die, in exclusive silver vinyl. This will be a limited edition, numbered release, and will be out on Spinefarm records. The Wizard are known for their presentation, so this is worth checking out.

Jungle Rot to Release Colored Vinyl

Jungle Rot are releasing the record Terror Regime on limited edition solid blue vinyl through Victory Records. The coolest thing about this is that 100 of these records will randomly be red. Those who luck out will end up with a super rare collectors item.

Clutch Release Classic Album on Vinyl


Clutch are releasing a special edition version of From Beale Street to Oblivion on deep purple colored 12" vinyl. This should be pretty cool, and a good, rare grab on Record Store Day.

Poison Idea Release a Picture Disc

Poison Idea are bringing back the much loved Just to Get Away picture disc from 1989, complete with the B-side of the MC-5 cover "Kick Out the Jams." This is a must have for classic punk fans out scouring for a deal on record store day.

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