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Tour Dates

Riot V, Cirith Ungol, Eternal Champion, Satan, and Whiplash will be there too.

New Music

"We had some extra time in the studio, and we wanted to do something people weren’t expecting at all."

Latest candlemass Music Videos

Music Videos

Candlemass released The Door to Doom in 2019, which featured vocalist Johan Längquist for the first time since their 1986 landmark record Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. The Door to...

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The reiteration of cherished classics isn't always a effort well-executed or well-received. I feared that The Door to Doom, the newest album from legendary metal...


The PR cycle for Psalms of the Dead comes front loaded with some unfortunate news: after five years of fronting Candlemass, singer Robert Lowe...

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Latest candlemass Live Footage

Live Footage

The guy who sings "If You Have Ghosts," and the ex-Candlemass vocalist is Messiah Marcolin.

Live Footage

What an amazing performance where they really made the song their own.

Live Footage

In what I'm pretty sure is a first, Ghost frontman Papa Emiretus III joined another band on stage – and I guess if you're...

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