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What can be said with faithful finality is that listening to Moonsorrow is a cinematic experience. Their brand of monolithic and aristocratic blackened pagan...

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Guaranteed face pummeling, coming right up!

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It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh, it's actually a plane.

Breakups & Shakeups

One of our favorite powerviolence bands is calling it a day. But they're not quite done just yet.

Best of 2015

Hey freaks, The Obituarist here, back with a monstrous year end list sure to excite any sadists out there seeking the best of the...


Our main photographer, Rodrigo Fredes just delivered three massive, awesome photo galleries from some big tours that came around NYC. Check 'em out: Overkill,...

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A few weeks ago, former Nevermore frontman and current frontman of the reactivated Sanctuary, Warrel Dane hinted that he will soon be playing the...

Weekly Injection

Another STACKED week. New stuff from Earth Rockers, Finnish symphonic nerds, that one band Pitchfork loves, and many, many more! To the metals…

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I am still metaphorically hung over from the incredible time last night on the RIP a Livecast that we had with Lamb of God...

Metal Injection Exclusives

We document the making of ENABLER's upcoming full length Fail To Feel Safe. Catch Enabler on tour with Meek Is Murder right now. Here...

Breakups & Shakeups

There will be no more Nevermore releases in the future.


Scotland's Falloch was last on the scene as a duo, since then vocalist/guitarist/tin whistle-ist Andy Marshall left the band opting instead for the much...


Your hosts get in the holidaze mood as they spin metalized versions of some holiday classics that range the gamut of metal styles ranging...

Best of 2014

After pouring over piles of releases and looking back on some of the brilliant music that emerged this year, it became apparent that this...