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SLAYER Warns Against Counterfit Ticket Sales For Nonexistant 2020 Comeback Performance

As much as some fans might find it hard to believe, Slayer seemed pretty serious about their last show ever this past Thanksgiving weekend being their last show ever. Kerry King's wife noted that there was "not a chance in hell" they would play another show, and that this wouldn't be a Motley Crue reunion thing.

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Still, that hasn't stopped some scammers from trying to sell fake tickets to a nonexistent reunion show in 2020.  Slayer shared the following warning on social media:


There are tickets being offered on Viagogo for a Slayer performance at Sweden Rocks June 2020. Buyer beware this is a resale site with inaccurate information SLAYER WILL NOT PERFORMING.

We're not sure where the rumor started, but there has been no activity from the Slayer camp, save for a Funko Pop announcement, since their retirement.

Perhaps the reason some fans are so easily fooled is right before Slayer's final shows, the band's manager Rick Sales was recently interviewed by multiple publications and made it seem like this was just Slayer's final tour, being quoted as saying this last tour "doesn't mean the end of the band. It’s just the end of touring. " In another interview, Sales noted he has ideas for projects down the line but wouldn't elaborate.

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Tom Araya and Kerry King haven't commented officially, but we are pretty sure that King's wife, Ayesha, would not have spoken up without talking to Kerry first. Ayesha also commented last year that King will always create new music, so perhaps he has some new projects up his sleeve.

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