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"Not A Chance In Hell" for New SLAYER Music or More Shows According to Kerry King's Wife

"Kerry King is not Mick Mars or Slash."

This was a monumental weekend for Slayer and its fans. The band played what was advertised as "the final show" of "the final campaign." The show was being advertised locally as the last Slayer show ever. But was it really?

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Slayer's manager Rick Sales was recently interviewed by multiple publications and made it seem like this was just Slayer's final tour, being quoted as saying this last tour "doesn't mean the end of the band. It’s just the end of touring. " In another interview, Sales noted he has ideas for projects down the line but wouldn't elaborate. We haven't heard from Tom Araya or Kerry King on the matter, since these announcements, but Kerry King's wife, Ayesha, who essentially acts as Kerry King's social media manager, has chimed in with a pretty definitive statement on where King stands on Slayer's future.

Ayesha took to her Instagram page to share photos of King's symbolic "chain drop" (who needs a mic drop?) indicating he was done with Slayer. It was indeed a cool moment. Take a look:

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In the comments, fans expressed disbelief that Slayer was truly done. But Ayesha wasn't having any of it.

When a fan asked "Is this really the end?" Ayesha responded "Yes."

A more condescending fan commented that the band would be back in 2022, to which Ayesha responded "not a chance in hell." When another fan chimed in saying that's what Mick Mars and Slash also said, Ayesha retorted with "Kerry King is not Mick Mars or Slash."

She then joke that she "might have slightly more info than the rest of you."

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When a fan joked that the new album would be great, Ayesha responded "don't hold your breath."

Finally, when a fan wondered if this was truly the end, Ayesha commented "You can bet on it."

When the news broke in 2018 of Slayer's retirement, Ayesha let fans know that King was not done making music, saying "Kerry just heard the news about Slayer’s farewell tour!" later noting "He says not to worry, you’ll always get music from him."

Here are 10 things we'll miss about Slayer:

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