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Kerry King Promises To Continue Making Music After SLAYER's Farewell Tour, According To His Wife

Who could possibly sing over Kerry King's riffs if not for Tom Araya?

Who could possibly sing over Kerry King's riffs if not for Tom Araya? 

Kerry King's wife, Ayesha maintains a social media account on Instagram under the incredible handle of "slaywhore" and it sometimes acts as an unofficial social media hub for Kerry himself, since he is not on any of the services.

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Yesterday, after the announcement that Slayer would go on their final tour this summer (dates just announced), many, including us here at Metal Injection wondered what would happen to all that new material that's been written for a supposed next Slayer album? Kerry King noted at the time of the release of their last album, that they still have eight completed songs left over from the last album recording sessions. King announced he even wrote a song about Trump for the next album, one of our most anticipated of the year. Well, it doesn't look like Kerry is done making music just yet.

Ayesha posted a photo of King on Instagram with the caption: "Kerry just heard the news about Slayer’s farewell tour!" later noting "He says not to worry, you’ll always get music from him."

For all we know, he may have already entered the studio last year to record those songs.

It would be weird to think that we might get new music from Kerry King without Tom Araya singing on it. Araya pushed back on the idea of a new Slayer album until he and King could resolve some business matters in a recent interview with Little Punk People:

Thirty-five years later, I find myself in a place where I never thought I'd ever be. I never really once thought about ever being where I am. And it's a business. And that was something that I really enjoyed doing because I loved it, and it slowly somehow turned into a business. It wasn't about making music, [it was about] the business of making music. So what I'm leading into is that we had Jeff [Hanneman], who passed away a few years back. We never really had our business matters taken care of, as far as the membership and the band and all that stuff. That's something that me and Kerry [King] are, at the moment, in the middle of getting all that squared away. So as far as the next record, apparently we did record a bunch of songs, and we finished the songs for this album, and there was, like, another six or seven songs. We'll see. [Laughs]"

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Who could possibly sing over Kerry King's riffs if not for Tom Araya?

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