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MENTAL CRUELTY's Guitarist Picks The 10 German Bands Everyone Should Listen To

Rammstein not included.

Mental Cruelty

The following list was written by Mental Cruelty guitarist Nahuel Lozano. Mental Cruelty's fourth record Zwielicht is out now and available here in both physical and digital mediums.

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Accept is the first band I think of when I think of German heavy metal. For me Accept are the German equivalent to Judas Priest, just an absolutely great band. Accept should not be missing on any party or festival, if you have the chance go and see them live. Unfortunately they're without Udo Dirkschneider, but you can still see him solo!


I can still remember the first time I listened to Pleasure to Kill. Just wow! Thrash metal at its best. If you like Slayer, you like Kreator. Mille [Petrozza] is a great frontman/guitarist and there is almost no bad Kreator album. Moreover, the guys still write damn good music nowadays!


I couldn't give you a list of German bands without mentioning Sodom. With Kreator one of the German thrash metal pioneers and deservedly so! If you turn on Agent Orange and don't start headbanging right away there is something wrong with you.


Damn good melodic black metal band! Dissection fans will get their money's worth here. Very atmospheric, very melodic and very cold. Perfect for dark winter days.

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Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Definitely one of my absolute favorite bands. There is no band that takes me along emotionally like Der Weg einer Freiheit. Also a band that hasn't released a bad album yet and gets better from album to album. If you can listen to Finisterre without bursting into tears, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.


A band that I actually have not known for so long. I came across them by chance and couldn't understand why they are not much better known. Very unique and fast black metal that sometimes reminds me of Dark Funeral, but doesn't try to be a copy. Really highly recommended!


Come on, how can you not like the German metal queen Doro? Whether live or on record Doro just always puts you in the mood to party.


Also a band I found on Youtube only last year. Damn good black metal that reminds me a bit of the Polish bands but still remains true to itself. Never had the luck to see them live but hope to change that this year.

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By coincidence I picked up a vinyl of Über den Sternen from Empyrium in a record store. Before that I had not known them and was all the more surprised when I heard the record. Reminded me a bit of the folkier songs of Ulver with some black metal and goth rock. Very good band to just switch off and enjoy the moment.


Absolute melodic tech death madness. A band that has among others members of Thulcandra and meanwhile drummer David Diepold on board. That can only be good. Actually, I'm someone who is not really into tech death because the music is a bit too hectic for me, but Obscura is the exception.

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