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DANK SLAMS: Exclusive Stream Of New MENTAL CRUELTY Slam "Father Of Abomination" (Featuring Members Of VULVODYNIA And ANALEPSY)

Posted by on July 13, 2017 at 6:43 pm

Most of you are likely aware that Metallica's music has been employed by the US Army when interrogating terrorists. In fact, this is not an uncommon practice, with interrogators seeking to disorientate and break prisoners by blasting tunes from the above mentioned overlords of metal, alongside AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine, and Nine Inch Nails.

This is all well and good, but is there a risk involved? What if the prisoners are fans of said bands? I mean, is it too far-fetched to think that, yes, perhaps there exists closet metalheads in Al Qaeda or ISIS? I mean, those bands aren't exactly extreme.

Anyway, if you wanna do this right, good old USofA, you might wanna think about employing tunes from the topic of today's Dank… MENTAL CRUELTY. Why these brutal-as-fuck Germans? Well, as their name suggests, they are both 'mental' and 'cruel' – musically speaking, of course. Imagine, if you will, a room full of imprisoned terrorists. Then, imagine these guys – musical weapons of war in hand – standing on a stage in the center of the room…

Now, imagine these same four dudes – prior to launching into a terrorist-crushing performance – walking up to the mic creepily chanting the following in unison. Take it away, guys…

"We, Mental Cruelty, are best described as a band trying to find the limits of brutality through a mixture of technical deathcore elements with the most disgusting, evil and devastating lyrical and vocal content to ever appear on German soil. Founded last year in a City called Karlsruhe in Southwest Germany, we have never stopped exploring our own limits. Ya'll motherfuckers ain't ready for this shit!"

Now, with the stage set, and the confused and slightly-curious terrorists looking on, imagine the guys launching into this – their brand new song "Father Of Abomination" featuring both Duncan Bentley (Vulvodynia) and Diogo Santana (Analepsy)…

Yep. Brootal. By the end of it, that room full of prisoners were reduced to a bunch of babies. Metallica ain't got shit on these guys. This is the power of slam. This is the power of Mental Cruelty.

If you like what you've just heard, they guys will be releasing their upcoming slamming downtempo full-length, Purgatorium, later this year via Rising Nemesis Records. This album is certain to hit harder than everything else to come before it. Stay tuned to the band's socials (HERE and HERE) for info as it becomes available.

Thanks again to our brothers over at Slam Worldwide for partnering with us to bring you this exclusive! Now, go support the tireless efforts of SW!

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