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Latest OBSCURA News

Tour Dates

Dark Tranquillity have announced 2021 tour dates in the hopes that things in North America would have calmed down enough in a year to...

Latest News

Everything that is old is new again. After founding guitarist and vocalist Steffen Kummerer announced that he and the rest of the Obscura parted...

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You're a kid in northeast Minneapolis, and you hear the familiar ice cream truck jingle. The truck is nearby, and unlike most ice cream...

Breakups & Shakeups

It's David Diepold of Cognizance.

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Latest OBSCURA Reviews


A few things need to be said about Obscura. They are an extremely talented band. Their progressive style incorporates a lot of melodic tones...


Speed is Obscura’s strength; always has, always will be, apparently. A definite showing of this is exhibited in how even the rocket-paced tracks are...


Five years is certainly a long time to wait in-between album releases, but when your material is as daunting, dense and brutal as Spawn...


Discounting the formative, retrospectively uncharacteristic Retribution – well received at the time but juvenilia in hindsight – Obscura launched themselves to the forefront of...

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Latest OBSCURA Live Footage

Live Footage

Obscura played their 15th anniversary show at the Alte Kaserne in their hometown of Landshut, Germany on April 30, 2018. If you weren't there,...

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