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10 Vegan/Vegetarian Metal Bands That Skip The Turkey on Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 12:25 pm

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Carcass' Jeff Walker and Bill Steer


You may notice the topic comes up quite a bit in their lyrics, but that’s because Carcass main men Bill Steer and Jeff Walker are proud vegetarians. Bill spent many years vegan, and has gone on record to talk about his support for animal rights.

Rob Zombie

rob zombie vegan

Despite his gore filled slasher films and horror centric lyrics, Rob Zombie has been an animal rights supporter since 1982 when he saw slaughterhouse footage in high school. He started as a vegetarian and has since become vegan. Zombie recently appeared as a judge on the TV show Top Chef where he instructed the contestants to “Make vegan taste good”.

Lamb Of God's Chris Adler and John Campbell

chris adler vegetarian

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, as well as bassist John Campbell are vegetarian. In a recent interview Adler told Peta2 that he stopped eating all red meat after learning the facts behind factory farming. He goes on to explain how he stopped eating meat completely: “We were on tour and saw a chicken truck go by with these chickens that were just bleeding-it was just disgusting. And that was it. I haven’t had a piece of it since.”

Devin Townsend


He's not as outspoken as other metal artists on the subject, but Canadian producer, musician, song writer, and cat-lover Devin Townsend is indeed a committed vegetarian. In an interview with the radio show Heavy Metal Food, Devin discussed why he doesn't talk about it as much: "People say, 'Well, why don't you talk about being vegetarian?' And I'm like, 'People will find out.' The people who are interested in what I do and why I do it, being a vegetarian is a big part of that…"

Please note this post is meant to be informative only. I believe dietary choices are a personal matter, and not something to project on others. If you’d like more information on vegetarian or vegan diets, you can go here.

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