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Between The Buried And Me

Latest Between The Buried And Me News

Latest News

"If we are unable to reach a resolution, then I will begin preparing to file in the U.S. District Court."

Latest News

"We write on behalf of our client Dustie Waring to deny in the strongest terms the malicious and false accusations that have recently surfaced...

Latest Between The Buried And Me Music Videos

Music Videos

Between The Buried And Me has unveiled a new music video for their single "Fix The Error". Colors II is out August 20. Pre-orders are available here....

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Perhaps more than any of its predecessors, Colors II seems like the culmination of everything that came before it, fluidly incorporating virtually all of...


The prog giants have an illustrious discography. How does the first part of their double album stack up?


Coma Ecliptic culminates all that their last decade of writing could grow into, not simply in the story it conveys... musically this is one...

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