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VARG VIKERNES' Neighbors Describe Him Positively, "In Shock" Over His Arrest

Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes, along with his wife, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of planning terrorist acts in his rural French farm. The French authorities moved into action when Varg's wife decided to purchase four firearms, which she did so legally, with permit. Authorities have not been able to pin Varg down with any specific crime and the news is a big deal in France.

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One French outlet visited Varg's farm, which turns out to be a quaint little farm and got a few interesting quotes from the neo-Nazi musician's neighbors. posted this photo of Varg's farm. The guy who killed Euronymous lives here:

Varg's farm

credit: Mohammed Alayoubi / NRK

Neighbors were "in shock" at the news of Varg's arrest. One neighbor said the Burzum mastermind did not speak much French, so there was minimal communication, although he was "always smiling." Varg was described as always wearing military clothing and owned three camouflage-painted cars, however it was pointed out that it was not odd to wear such garb in their neighborhood due to all the hunting.

Other neighbors described him as "a family man" and had a peaceful life with his wife and three children. Additionally, one neighbor claims Varg's wife was pregnant with fourth child. I guess the one thing Varg hates more than the Jews is contraception. Varg's children, who were pulled from school and home-schooled, are currently staying with Varg's wife's parents.

Varg and his wife are still in custody. At this point, this whole ordeal seems a bit necessary and is oddly causing me to feel some pity for Varg. Does that make me a monster?

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[via MetalSucks]

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