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Evidence Is "Thin" In VARG VIKERNES Terror Plot

Yesterday, we reported the shocking news that Burzum main man Varg Vikernes was arrested on suspicion planning a massacre. Varg has been in custody with French authorities for over 24 hours, and will be staying at least an extra day as officials continue to investigate. But it looks like they're hard pressed to find any concrete evidence.

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First off, Varg's lawyer in his 1993 case, where he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, John Christian Elden chimed in to the New Straits Times with his opinion on the case, saying it'll be hard for the courts to prove anything:

In Norway it’s not enough to simply be preparing a terrorist attack. There must be a specific plan against a specific target.

It’s also necessary to have a sufficient basis for an indictment before you can arrest anyone. In Norway he would have been summoned to answer  questions, but he would not have been arrested.

So far it’s less than the Norwegian security services have whenever they arrest Islamists and release them shortly afterwards.”

Additionally, Euronews is reporting that French Interior Minister Manuel Valls admitted that  there is “no target, no identified project” but he defends his actions saying it would be better to act before tragedy struck. Vikernes was under police surveillance for the entire month, after his wife purchased three rifles earlier this month.

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The French police decided to take action after Varg's July 13th blog post discussing Bretigny train crash, which occurred south of Paris the day before where he wrote some condemning things about "The 'French' president, the Jew Mr. Hollande." You can read the post in full here.

So it seems Varg didn't really do anything illegal and the cops are just being pre-cautious. At this rate, he should be out by the end of the week.

[h/t Metal Insider]

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