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SLIPKNOT Itinerary Leaks Confirming Drummer Identity as Jay Weinberg

Posted by on December 3, 2014 at 3:26 pm

This is it! This is the smoking gun, definitively proving once and for all that Jay Weinberg is the drummer of Slipknot. The rumors started in April and a few months ago, we had all the proof we needed to confidently say it was Jay, but after today, there is no possible denying his identity.

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A drum tech by the name of Norm Costa decided to put his job in jeopardy by leaking his own personal itinerary which reveals the names of all the members of the band. Update: It looks as though he was fired before posting this and this is his way of getting a little payback.

slipknot drummer identity jay weinberg confirmed

We took a screenshot in case the photo is deleted, but the original can be found here. Norm also posted a photo of Weinberg's drum setup. Not for nothing, new bassist Alex Venturella's identity has also been confirmed, even though we already knew that.

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There is no denying it now, Jay Weinberg is the drummer of Slipknot. Does anything change though? I doubt it. When we interviewed Clown at Knotfest in October, he basically told everyone to get the fuck over it:

"We got a new drummer and a new bass player. Get the f*ck over it. Oh well! You know it’s so funny how stupid people are. Even though everybody thinks they know, they keep asking. So I don’t have to say shit and I’m going to sit here for the rest of my life and just wait for everybody to figure it out. If you think you know, maybe you do, maybe you don’t. But don’t ask me because I don’t care. And it’s awesome, because people can’t let that go."

Well, we figured it out thanks to Norm. Slipknot are wrapping up their Prepare for Hell tour with Korn and King 810. Get remaining dates here.

[Thanks for the tip, PJ]

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