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Let's Examine The New SLIPKNOT Masks

Posted by on September 12, 2014 at 12:42 pm

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Earlier this morning, we post the new Slipknot music video, "The Devil In I." It was the first time Slipknot's new drummer and bassist were featured in a music video with them. It was also the first time we have seen the new Slipknot masks that will carry on through this current album cycle. One immediate takeaway from me: the masks are really cool. So I thought it would be fun to take some screenshots and examine all the masks. I literally sat there trying to grab the clearest shots of these masks frame by frame, so let's explore…

#8 – Corey Taylor

Are Slipknot even doing numbers anymore? I don't know, but Corey Taylor was naturally the most prominently featured member of the band so we have the best look at his mask. Taylor's mask comes in two iterations, one with the face on and one with the face off, definitely an improvement over his previous mask:

Corey-Taylor-1 Corey-Taylor-2 Corey-Taylor-3 Corey-Taylor-4 Corey-Taylor-5 Video thumbnail for youtube video SLIPKNOT "The Devil In I" Music Video - Metal Injection

Old mask for reference:

Corey Taylor vol 4

So far, so cool. More masks on the next page…

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