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DANZIG Does Not Like Photographers; Gets In A Fight With One

I love adding to the list of Danzig's likes and dislikes. Danzig likes kitties, he likes french onion soup, he doesn't like people telling him where to put his bricks, he doesn't like Wolverine, and he clearly doesn't like photographers. We learned that last bit at this past weekend's Bonnaroo festival. Here is an eyewitness account:

via MetalSucks:
“Here is a video my friend took of Danzig trying to fight a photographer at Bonnaroo. I was there standing backstage when it happened. Glen doesn’t like his picture taken. The Bonnaroo Staff allowed press in there anyway to snap some shots. The photographer was actually just taking pictures of the crowd when Glen walked to the side of the stage and flipped of the Camera guy. Then he proceeded to jump of the stage and try to kick the guys ass who went running scared. He had know idea what was going on in his defense. The security held Glen back and told him to chill and finally went back into his dressing room in a huff. They kicked all the photographers out of the tent and he returned a few minutes later with the Samhain set. The performance was amazing. But the negative energy was lame but to be expected for Glen. Glad I was there to see it though.”

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And of course, not one, not two, but THREE videos:

Thanks for the comedy, Danzig!

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